Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Wishful Difference

I hear the birds singing,
But, my heart does not sing along ,
I see the sun shine ,
But the day has, already gone too long.

I dread the evening as it comes,
Because it brings nothing but cold ,
Sitting in this empty space,
I have none but myself to hold.

I wish, I could be there
where ever love resides,
And not have to fret about
Anything, you and me besides

Alas, peace is not meant to be
for Social Norms, a lot prevent
Only thing that remains now, love
I wish everything around was different!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A helping hand

Travel has it seems become a huge part of my daily routine. Sitting in the Bus and Subway and catching up on a snooze or listening to songs, oblivious to the hundreds of people around is now second nature. But then again , this is probably the story of every person in a major city! On my way back from office today, as I got into the subway, I noticed a man slumped in the seat, fast asleep, with his hand on his stomach. So as usual no one wanted to be seated near him. People it seems avoid anything that can become remotely uncomfortable. I wonder if the man was drunk, that's the first assumption isn't it? or maybe he was just really tired from a hard day of work...but hell no one dared to go near him....let him be...all by himself..till the very last stop...and even one dared to go near and wake him up....I wonder if I am a coward like everyone else in some way or the other....or have I become that cold? With those thoughts running thru my mind, I boarded the bus for the next phase of my journey. A few stops later, a man boarded the bus, limping, using his hands to pull himself up, at the same time, trying to balance the shopping load. He had a huge knee brace he stretched out...and people just kept bumping into him...unconcerned..cold! When his stop came, he got up and tried to step down the three steps to the ground....I never knew that taking three steps is perhaps the most daunting thing in a man's life. He struggled and struggled , unable to take a single step....but no one got up to help him...even I sat waiting to see what he does. But I couldnt stand it anymore...couldnt face the voice within asking me to help this I got up, and asked if I could help by holding his shopping bags, so he can use his arms to help himself the same time the driver came to help ...not out of concern...but knowing he wold be in trouble if this man hurt himself. I got off the bus a few stops ahead...and I turned back to see....a few people looking at me from the passing bus window...thier eyes cold!..while I walked away feeling the warmth!

Here I go

At last I took the effort to sit myself down to create a Blog and pen a few words.

Not going to go on and on in my very first post....its useless, not that I think this blog is going to be useful to anyone but me!

So here I go, Om
Sai Ram....setting a religious tone already??? only time will tell how much that will hold up.