Friday, April 17, 2009

MS - My Ode to Coffee

Starting off the efforts of my friends (C&P) by bringing to my space one of my fav reviews....It was written a while back and while the situation is not relevant...the emotion behind the review sure is!

Here goes...

Sorry people I went into hibernation for the past 4 weeks due to the fact that I did not have access to the comp for a really long time. But I have woken up and hey guess what woke me up, come on you know by now, you read the topic of this review didn’t you??? Coffee of course !!!!!!!! This review is more of what coffee means to me and none of what Brooke Bond is!!! hehehehehehehe.

Let me start of by explaining my whole waking up process. I was asleep ( had to be!!!! I have to wake up right?) well, I distinctly remember dreaming of chocolate cake, basically caffeine, right. Well, as my dream got more and more dreamy, I remember wanting coffee(even in my dream amazing what addiction does to you.). Just then the smell of coffee extended its hand and just like in the cartoons wafted through my nose, ahhhhh!!! the heavenly smell, its like a deep fog of pure pleasure filling up your lungs.

This was the cue my body needed. I jumped and ran from my bedroom to my kitchen just to be able to glance at the source of the smell, I had to see for myself the coffee brewing, knowing very well that all I had to do was freshen up, and then my mouth will experience sheer ecstasy that comes with just one sip of the god send drink.

I was right I did see the coffee brewing, yes!!!, but I also was my mom standing there with a big grin on her face. Something was not right, DAMN then I remembered; the bet how could I have forgotten????? Well filling you in, my mom had asked me to get up early that day to go to the temple, and me being me, lazy as ever had protested, and said that I could not get up at 6:00am, that was ridiculous..... My mom had then said that she knew how to wake me up, and I has dared her, that nothing in this world could wake me up, at least nothing she could do.

Apparently I was wrong. Boy I should have known that she has a secret arsenal, she obviously exploited my feelings by using my addiction to coffee to wake me up, not only that I now owe her One week of waking up early just for the sake of it, and that is because me loudmouth dared her the night before that if she could wake me up, I will myself get up for a week as early as she wants me to.

Well back to my morning, I glanced back at the watch it was only 5:30am!!!!!!!!!!!. I cannot believe mom deprived me of my 30 minutes of sleep. Cannot blame coffee for waking me up, it cannot help but be the elixir of life, tell me can you blame the rose for being beautiful? No right? In the same way you cannot blame the coffee for being itself.

The morning story ends with me going to the temple and all and a whole week of misery. But I am not complaining. It is alas a small price to pay for my mug(s) of freshly brewed coffee.

Imagine if you may, the first sip, as your lips touch the rim of the coffee mug, and you are tilting the mug towards you, your body in anticipation of the coffee almost goes mad. Then as coffee enters your mouth, the latter is filled with a deep dark full taste that is like no other, you close your eyes and savor every drop in every nook and corner of your mouth. When you swallow the coffee you feel it burning through your food pipe (its hot, who the hell has the patience to cool the coffee and then drink it?) the cool burning sensation, this is what you have been waiting all night. As it enters your system, it awakens all your senses, your mind is on full alert, energy is surging through your body, and you are ready to face the day ahead. Oh heavenly coffee I owe you so much!!!!!!!!

I drink 9-10 glasses of coffee a day, and yes I do admit it I am an addict, but this is one addiction I am not ready to forgo. People all the time have something to say to me about how bad coffee is. That I should stop drinking coffee and blah blah blah. STOP DRINKING WHAT??????? No way, you cannot pry that mug of coffee from my dead hands, I will sacrifice my life for the noble coffee (haven’t you read all that it does for us?). I need the elixir of life, It doesn’t matter that I need 10 glasses of it, it is a part of me, I cannot give it up. Coffee has been giving its life and soul for humanity for ages and if I am required to make a sacrifice, and drink it all the time, then that is what I will do!! As a matter of fact that is what I am off to do now. If you have a heart and a faint love for humanity, go drink coffee, give coffee back what coffee gives to you!!.

Lots of Love and Coffee, I mean peace

Friday, April 10, 2009

Copy and Paste - My friends

Meet Copy and Paste...they are good buddies to me. Now they have agreed to work efficiently and tirelessly to bring over all my work from one particular website to my blog :)

So ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together in appreciation for Copy and Paste my buddies....for all the work they are going to do (and all the work I won't HAVE to do)