Friday, September 14, 2007

Comfortable with Strangers - Part 1

The Introduction :-

This world at this time is a strange place indeed....we are now more than ever interacting with people online and looking towards strangers for love for friendship.

No its not what u are thinking...I am talking about strangers we have never seen never met....strangers we meet online...we seek online....

This morning I saw something on a online news channel, about how boys from rural areas, get all dressed up on weekends and drive to the nearest town, where they get on these internet public chat room and are actively looking for love, looking to meet women from far away, looking for something that they are supposedly not finding in their physical world around them.

These are the same guys that are considered shy and have no real contact with a woman, let alone go out and date women, these boys havent even had a chance to have a decent conversation with the opposite sex...but this might be more a rural setting situation right?

Wrong!...for the most part whoever reads this entry or this blog is a complete stranger to me as I am to them, barring some of my buddies from a review site (u got here mostly thru there)...and u are still here relating to the blog in some way or the other.

Talking about the review site. I hold that place very dear, because of the people I have met there, the poeple I have interacted with and the admiration we have developed for one another, not only reviewers but also as exceptionally wonderful Human beings.

Infact the reviews, the comments and the mails have stemmed of this whole new camaraderie....we now have regular interactions, find joy in sharing news, tell the other person how wonderful a review they have written, look forward to everyones comments on our review, discuss shopping and anything else under the sun, create groups on Orkut and other!

Orkut...another boon for the virtual world....How many of us, go in and see how our friends are doing? find new friends and see if someone is trying to connect with you. Orkut is great for connecting with existing friends too right....scrap each other, send messages, create and join groups? Extend ur hand in friendship to other people on the site, ask them to come and join a group, send them a scrap, and reply if they send you one....pleasant or otherwise.....

Long story short.....I find myself online constantly....not only has all my professional life gone online...looks like most of my personal one is going there too...

to be continued!