Friday, February 27, 2009

Me n My 25

Ok I did this 25 thing obviously wasn't gonna do it again...(the first 25 tested my lazy gene enuf!)

But since Ava and EISI tagged me...I am reproducing my work here..dang my second reproduction...Wow that sounds BAD...hahahahahahaha!! Anyway ... so here it goes!

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

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1. 25 just happens to be my favorite number :)

2. I am watching 'The Chronicles of Narnia' at the moment...Love it! (now watching hubby play on the wii :))

3. I have wanted a tattoo for a really long time now....only if I didn't fear needles so much :(

4. I get light headed when I see needles.....even on the TV !

5. I cannot see Horror movie, or suspense movies or that leaves me Comedies and Romantic Comedies

6. I am a total cry baby...any emotional scene is guaranteed to make me cry!

7. I love the smell of fresh ground coffee

8. I am blessed to have friends that have stuck with me for almost 20 years now :)

9. Seeing my friends at my wedding was the best present ever!..I missed you guys for 10 years!

10. I just got a whole new set of parents this year...and a sister I never had....I love them!!!!..Touchwood !

11. I think I have the coolest guys in my family...specially my dad, my uncle and my hubby...My drinking buddies!

12. College days were the best....I wish there was such a thing as a professional student...and the position paid well :)

13. I realized that unless you love yourself no one else will...that includes loving the weight on you

14. I stopped dieting ... or even trying to diet 2 years I just love the way I more body issues :)

15. I put on weight when I I stopped :)) and lost 10 cool is that?

16. I don't learn from others mistakes....Only learn from my mistakes...and I have learned a lot!! ha ha

17. When something happens, I go over the incident over and over again in my head..and play out various ways the situation could have the end of which I have no idea what exactly happened in the first place :)

18. My memory sucks......can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast

19. Pretentious people piss me off!

20. I think I have a mild form of OCD

21.Sleep is the best therapy!

22. The only way to eat chocolate Ice cream is to partially melt it and lick it off your fingers

23. I LOVE chocolate

24. My hubby spoils me and I love it!!!

25. And I just turned vegetarian couple of years ago...Love it!

Ps: Not tagging anyone..since most poeple I know have been tagged..yeah yeah I know..I Late Latif!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because I am a *Girl*

This world is nuts....Girls getting molested, raped and at the end of the day the criminal(s) give some pathetic lame ass excuse....more recently, apparently these vermin are using the 'Protection of Indian Culture' as an excuse...I am yet to see where molesting women is documented as Indian culture!

Oh and now the Economic divide is another reason...a Upwardly mobile girl gets raped by 10 village men...and here is what the Village elder has to say

"We respect our women," village elder Ranbir Yadav tells me.

"But we also have our traditions," he adds, gesticulating at a young woman who hurries away from us with her face averted, her head covered. As he explains, unmarried women in the village cannot travel unescorted or reveal their face to men.

"All the boys are innocent," one man tells me. "They did not rape anyone but yes, they may have beaten the couple up."

More on that here

I am sick of molestation and Rape being used as a weapon .. and with the Fantastic attitude of the Indian society towards the girl child, I am kinda thrilled to see the recent uprising....and so I am all in support of the Pink Chaddi campaign...I will be waiting to read all the wonderful happening on Valentines day.

Here is a BBC article on that

All this going on...reminded me of an article I had written some time back on a review site...and I thought this just ties in somehow...its an article I am proud to recycle.

So here goes......


Title : Because I am a *Girl*

So if you were to tell me about the story of yourself or a Girl child you have known; what would you say, if you looked; what will you see, if she turned around
and narrated her story….What would you hear???

Just a Story told…..

Because I am a girl, my mother cried when I was born
Because I am a girl, my father walked away, despising my face
Because I am a girl, my family sees me as a burden
Because I am a girl, education is not meant for me
Because I am a girl, I am exploited from the moment I can walk
Because I am a girl, I am teased and humiliated, and it’s still my fault
Because I am a girl, Rape on me is used as a weapon of war
Because I am a girl, I will be sold off, traded, gotten rid of like an animal
Because I am a girl, I will earn half for double the work I do

Because I am a girl, I will shed a tear when I bear ANOTHER baby GIRL

Her Story told….

Because I am a girl, I know I am hated from the moment I was born
Because I am a girl, I am told over and over I am unwanted
Because I am a girl, I stay home and work, while my brother plays outside
Because I am a girl, I yearn to go to school, but know I can’t
Because I am a girl, I will fetch fire wood, a load I can barely bare
Because I am a girl, I will sweep the floor, and wash the clothes
Because I am a girl, I will cook for all, while my brother plays Football
Because I am a girl, I know I’ll be marrying at 15, a burden unloaded
Because I am a girl, I will bear a child, before I end my childhood
Because I am a girl, I will be chided for bearing another baby girl

Because I am a girl, I will shed a tear, when my girl, gives birth to JUST another GIRL

My Story Told….

Because I am a girl, my father was overjoyed at my birth
Because I am a girl, I was showered with chocolates and dolls
Because I am a girl, I was bought pretty dresses and ribbons to wear
Because I am a girl, I was told to study well and play hard
Because I am a girl, I am told never to back down in the face of adversity
Because I am a girl, I am told I am stronger mentally and emotionally
Because I am a girl, I am pushed to prove myself
Because I am a girl, I am protected and taught to protect myself
Because I am a girl, I feel loved, as a daughter, as a sister, as a person

Because I am a girl, I hope to bring into this world, a SPECIAL baby GIRL

What story will YOU tell?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enjoy being bitten!

Brand India is cool, known for its engineers, brilliant minds, colorful culture and people. Yes sir, we make most of the IT industry, and we dominate the Call centers. Yoga is spreading like wildfire, and Indian food is definitely catching on!..and now we have the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire'...fantastic...we were all smiling.

These are things that help in the long run, sure, this Brand India will continue to grow in its popularity and its influence. India also happens to one of the more stable countries in the region, at least compared to the neighbors who are like drunken sailors running out of money (well technically they are not allowed to drink), we look like the respectable Accountant uncle who is amassing wealth the righteous way!

But is definitely not roses all the way now is it? We as Indians have always dealt with things like, Major sexism (sply the girls...makes us stronger in a way..and provides ammo), Caste based discrimination, 14th century attitudes etc etc. But then we kinda put up with it, shrugged it off...its the Jane do yaar kinda attitude....and that my friends has come back to bite us in the ass!

Picture this...One happy couple, walking hand in hand, smiling at each other...the rush of love...suddenly a man stops them and screams at the girl for wearing jeans, the boy for wearing shorts, and at them for holding hands and public display of affection!!...there is already a crowd forming...all on lookers " Bhaagte ho ke bulaoon public ko tumhe maarne ke liye...saale angrez if aulad..humare Bharat ke sanskriti ko kharab karte ho"...screams the nut job and the poor couple runs away from there, before there is any trouble and more people gathers. What comes of this incident... the couple are more careful while out in public and the So called upholder of Indian morals feeling triumphant moves of looking for his next target.

And now the ass biting begins...!!

New year revelers are molested, Indians and Foreigners alike, coz no one in India has the right to wear western clothes and party in pubs and clubs. And you definitely cannot intermingle with the opposite sex unless you sport or she sports a Mangalsutra. You can if you want drink roadside liquor, visit a beer bar, lust after a dancing girl and and then go home and beat your wife...but just make sure u are wearing an Indian outfit....Dhoti will be Ideal.

And god forbid on Valentines day you venture out to buy your loved one a rose or a gift or take your loved one out for a romantic evening to show your appreciation for them. Don't you know that Valentine day celebration can lead to SEX....*tauba tauba*. And In India no one has sex!! Fornication is not what India does....all our children are born through Immaculate conception.

Today Jay Leno talked about the Valentine day threat in India...fantastic, He is spreading our warning to the world; Dont you guys dare to come for a romantic getaway to exotic India, we will not tolerate you kissing or fornicating...but we will be there to molest you !!

And no before you ask the question, you are not allowed to kiss...Kissing even a peck on the cheek leads to Sex...and you should know by now where we stand on that Issue.

I think we are sending clear signals to the rest of the world too arent we? The news about Gere kissing Shilpa and the resulting reaction of the Keepers of Indian Culture created such a fantastic opportunity for the world media. They had a field day!! Now even they know that Indians don't kiss! is the BBC Article

Ooh that took out a big chuck of the rear....Enjoy there is more to come and the wounds are only going to get much more painful!