Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!!!

Happy New Year to all you wonderful people! May 2010 be filled with good health, Wealth and tons of Joy and happiness....


Monday, November 30, 2009

In a street food state of Mind

It all started in the last Sunday of November when mom, hubby and I went shopping. While mom was busy picking out fresh veggies, hubby and I were scouting the store for puri and murmura :). After dropping mom off (and making promises to eat healthy food) hubby and I headed home, and immediately whipped up some Pani Puri….that fried piece of dough dipped in Jal jeera water is like a little piece of Sunshine….suffice to say that ended up being lunch and dinner :)

Then came my blur of a trip to Mumbai (that is another post altogether), where I was unable to eat any Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji, and was totally disappointed. So naturally the only way to remedy the situation was to make a mouthwatering batch of bhaji, complete with side garnishes of raw onion, Nimbu and Mirchi. Combine that with Garam Pav soaking in Makhan and I was in Pav Bhaji Heaven :)

Then came this weekend, we were completely snowed in and like the rains, when the snow is covering everything and it is cold outside, the heart yearns for some food that will soothe your soul and what better to do that the Pakodas!....and you guessed it, that is exactly what I made, some Onions, some Potatoes and some Paneer pakodas matched up with a steaming cup of Garam Garam ginger tea and I captured another piece of heaven….

With so much sunshine and Heaven going around, I am one happy girl…forget the fact that I am trying to get in shape for the Feb trip…that weight loss can wait….it’s time for some good soul soothing street food :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Design Dilemma :(

It has been 2 months since hubby and I moved and more or less we have put all the stuff in place except for one Major area…notice the capital M….actually it should be a capital D…..the Drawing room

The room is L shaped……a looooong L…and the lower part of the L is the Dining room …at least that is what we have designated it as. For a better idea I have tried and depict what the apartment looks like right now.

The picture is self explanatory and as far as possible I have kept the colors as close as possible. One thing to note that even if the carpet under the TV, Futon and the rocking chairs looks grey in the picture, it is really like egg shell white.

Now you must wonder why all this trouble of not only drawing the whole thing out, but putting it here..on this blog….the reason is I need help…

Time to admit that I totally sick when it comes to design, styling or anything to do in that world, and hubby made a big blunder by relying on me to make the Apartment a home; hoping that I would have some style…hahahaha BIG MISTAKE!!!!

So now dear dear readers/friends help me out and tell me what can I do with the big empty space from the main door to the futon? I am willing to move the furniture around (except the dining table…there are 2 huge windows and we appreciate the view during dinner and the occasional lunch).

I have no idea what I can do …and I am even willing to buy a couple more pieces of furniture to fill the space, ….help me…pluuuuleeeeezzzzz

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Finished the movie

I am going to make this short and sweet...and yeah it is defefinetly sweet!

So many of you remember the saga of District 9. I was totally aghast to how I reacted to the movie, and in spite of the horrible time I had that day, I was determined to conquer the movie.

And so ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly proclaim, that I have indeed managed to watch the complete movie and was feeling well the whole time! no t sickening feeling in my gut, so fainting spells...nothing; I sat through the movie and actually enjoyed it.

Turns out that the point that I fainted on the first time was the worst part of the movie, after that point the movie grossness goes down..and the movie actually becomes interesting a good way!

So as I promised ...short and Sweet :)


Monday, September 14, 2009

Tagged !!

I was feeling guilty for neglecting my blog (I have damn good reasons for it by the way...but that is a different entry all together).

So when EISI tagged me, it was a perfect timing and entry for me to be here goes

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.- "I think he's a destructive, unscrupulous ruffian who's been grossly overrated"

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can & catch air? – The cable bill (HUGE!!)

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? – Football!!!! (no foot football lolz)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is? – 8:40 pm

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? – 8:41 pm (Damn i'm good...lolz)

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?- S discussing the US Open and the ad for the new Prius

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing? – Going to Work :(

8. Before you started this Q&As, what did you look at?- EISI's Blog and feeling totally guilty for neglecting my blog!

9. What are you wearing?- my fav Blue Pajama's and a black cami ....comfort my dears

10. When did you last laugh? – at S making a funny face 2 mins back

11. What is on the walls of the room you are in? – Paint :)

12. Seen anything weird lately? – A drag queen in rail conductor's blog (the drag queen wants to be addressed as only Miss Columbia)

13. What do you think of this quiz? Kinda fun!

14. What is the last film you saw? District 9 (you know what happened if not read here)

15. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?- that's a tough one....but probably a Nissan 350Z and a of the money i'll probably give to S and bro do what they want to with it .... dang i'm boring!

16. Tell me something about you that I dunno!- hmmmm lets see.....EISI dosent know where I stay now :)

17. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?- Equality for women!

18. Do you like to Dance?- Love to Dance!!!! (actually represented my school for many years...and that is another thing you don't know about me)

19. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?- Krishna

20. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?- Krishna (what can I say I LOVE the name)

21. Would you ever consider living abroad? – away with borders and I will be a nomad

22. What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates? – you are here *screams in happiness*...Babe let's PARTY!!!

I am tagging Ava (would love to read her list), WITN , Bedazzled (take a break from chocolate), Mama Mia, Bain-gan Lores, and AEIOU !!

Waiting to read everyone's list ....This was fun!!! time to do another tag soon :)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

You make me sick - Wikus Prawn

Whole of last week I read tons of reviews about this one movie 'District 9', how good it was, how well directed it was, good story line etc etc.....overall heard it was a good movie. So that's what I decided I will spend my Friday night on, and S was up for the movie. So off we went, had dinner and strolled in for the 10:00 pm show, all this without reading what the movie was about. That was my first mistake.

We stroll and the movie theater was PACKED, and usually I don't like to sit on the front few rows, but the fact that this was supposed to be a good movie and I really didn't want to come back for the later show, I begged and pleaded to make S agree to sit wherever we found space. And that just turned out to be the 7th row from the front. That was my second mistake.

The last and final mistake I made was that I was not true to myself. I am the kind of person that will cringe at the sight of anything even remotely disgusting, a needle, blood, peeled skin ....I will cringe. In this movie, when the Prawn like aliens showed up with their tentacles all gross looking, I should have done what I do and close my eyes. But no the fool I am, I kept looking and looking and looking....that was my third mistake.

Around 45 minutes into the movie, I started to get queasy, this the point where Wikus the hero (read the story here) gets sprayed with the mystery liquid and starts his transformation into an Alien. The first thing that they show is his fingernails starting to come off, I sat there looking at the big screen, each of his fingernails as big as my face, peeling off, all the blood and the tissue hanging from his naked nail.....even thinking about it makes me want to puke....I should have my gotten up at that point and left..but no !!!!!! trying to be brave and gutsy (and prove to myself that I can watch something that is not a comedy or romantic comedy I sat there)...I sat there; watching District 9....and that my Final and perhaps the biggest mistake.

15 more minutes after Wikus started to pull his nails off, he wandered into the Prawn colony and started to eat cat food, with his fingers, slurping up pieces of meat, a little in his mouth a little on his hands and completely making me sick. Then came the last straw, Wikus's teeth started to fall out, he put a finger full of cat food into his mouth, and when he pulled his finger out, out came a tooth...with its root and blood. But Wikus is just so good, he didn't feel happy that only one tooth came out. He reached in and pulled another one out, blood, slimy stuff....(gag)..that was the last straw....

I didn't want to quit, I wanted to stay, but my body completely gave up, I started to get physically sick and my head started to spin. Poor S noticed and held onto me and took me right out of the theater, and his timing was perfect! As soon as I stepped outside...I blanked out!

Next thing I know S is over my face, sprinkling water...this is a first..a movie made me sick to a point that I fainted. There were two firsts that were achieved as a result of me going to watch this movie....This is the first movie that I went to see and did not sit through till the end and A movie was gross enough to make me faint ...freaking Awesome!!!

The only thing I feel terrible about is S not finishing this movie...Maybe I should buy him and my bro A a pair of tickets...the guys would sure like to see the grossest movie ever!!

Ps: Go see this movie...heard from a lot of people it was good...I am going to try and watch it again....lets see how the second attempt at this goes :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What really Impresses us - The Secrets

Another C&P from my MS reviews! Hope you enjoy this one :)


Impressing a woman is seen as a monumental task! Before you say ‘I knew it!’ just remember anything worth having is worth fighting for. So for the male kind, I the Angel am putting out tips, that will help you stay the number one guy in your Gals life!

There are stages to every girls’s life. The Girl is a daughter first, then a sister, then a wife, then a mother, then a mother in law, and then a Grandmother. So to impress a woman, you need to go thru impressing all the stages.

Lets start with the Kiddo Versions

Impressing your new Born baby Girl
This is perhaps one of the easiest stages for you, all you have to do is pick up the bundle of joy, and she is already gurgling her love for her dad. Feed her some mush and she is smiling her toothless smile at her father. Rock her to sleep and you have got all the loyalty you’ll ever crave.

Impressing your Girl Child
The girls in almost all cases (including me) idolize their dad. The dad is the hero, he is the strong one that protects us. He is the one we turn to when we need something. So all you have to do as a dad is be there for your child. An occasional chocolate (yummm), a occasional pretty dress will impress her. But what will impress her the most is when you the dad will sit and talk to her, listen to what happened in school, but most of all, just be there when she needs you….how hard can that be?

Impressing your sister
Yes sir, sisters are the greatest of your allies in this big bad world. Remember the times she sat up all night with you during your exams, made Maggie just the way you like it when you were hungry? Stood up for you in front of your parents, and prevented you from getting a beating? Well show your appreciation for her, buy her flowers, sit and talk to her, but her chocolates, and always be there when she needs her brother.

Now to the Grown up Versions

Impressing your I-Want-her-as-my-Girl-friend.
She makes your heart flutter, at the slightest of an hair flick. She distracts you during lessons, by her just being there. Her braces filled smile is the brightest you have ever seen…ah the joy of love. If only you could impress her right?

The key here is subtlety. Always be yourself, coz you want her to fall in love with the real you. Draw her attention, by going up and making polite conversation with her. Give her a flower, not necessarily a red rose, a orchid, a tulip, any flower will do. Talk to her when she comes up to you, but don’t stalk her just to carry out a conversation. Number one Rule : DO NOT DROOL at her

Impressing your Girl Friend
So she is already your girl friend, right? You have already impressed her enough for her to actually become your girl friend. But dear boy, the work does not end there. Buy her flowers, if she likes them. If your girl friend does not like flowers there is not rule saying you have to buy her those, you could instead take her to a fun evening, which you should be doing anyway. Look out for her when you guys are outside, little things like opening a door, pulling back a chair etc will ensure that she appreciates you and loves you for a long time to come

Now to even more grown up stuff

Impressing your wife
Your wife is someone who you have promised to share a lifetime of happiness with. So impressing her is just a way of keeping that promise. And a good man like you will always keep his promise right?

For the wife, small gestures of love amount to a lot. Help her with the house, the cleaning, the cooking, the laundry etc. Remember those are actually supposed to be shared tasks, but when you cook, or clean, she will be immensely thankful to god for such a wonderful man in her life.

Small gestures aside, never forget to serenade your wife, with flowers, or chocolates, or just surprise her with massages, a candlelight dinner, either home made or in a restaurant. If you have kids, take the responsibility to get their homework done, read a story to them, keep them occupied so that your wife can take some rest. Hey give her a gift to a Spa, let them pamper the queen of your life….Just because she deserves it!

Impressing your Mother

Yes sir, this person is the reason that you are alive in this world. She nurtured you and made to capable to stand in the position you stand today. She always placed your needs first, fed you when you were sick, a single kiss from her, took away the pain of a scrapped knee. You ran home from school, because you knew that she would be waiting with a big smile on the face just for you. How do you impress a woman who has undoubtedly dedicated her life to you?

Its simple, all you have to do is take care of her when she needs you. Take the time to ask her, how the day was, listen to her when she gives you advice. Ensure your kids spend time with her. Buy her flowers, take her out with the family, when making plans to do something major, involve her. But as always most importantly be there when she needs her son.

Impressing your Mother-in Law
Contrary to belief this is not as hard as people make it out to be. All you have to do is show respect to your mom-in-law as you would to your mother, and then make sure you treat her daughter right!

Impressing you Grandmother
Hey! This has to be the easiest person to impress. I mean how hard is it to impress a person, who is floored by you the minute you were born. All you have to do is look at her and smile and her soft as butter heart will melt. None the less, your brownie points will only increase if you just pay attention to your grandma and heed to her words that you will eventually realized are heavy with the wisdom that only comes with age.

So you see, it does not take much to impress a woman , all you have to do is be thoughtful and considerate, and really how hard can that be? So on that note, I end this review

Dedicated to all the wonderful men in my life, My ‘world’s best’ Dad, My ‘Cutest n Sweetest’ Brother and now my ‘God sent Blessing’ Cowboy.


Ps: To all the Women out there...anything you might want to add?
To all the Men out there.....any secrets you have to impressing your women?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie's Survivors and the SEC

As stated in my last post, I am a news junkie and sure enough today while watching the news (yup...I read plus I watch...and yeah I also listen to public radio news :)..its an addiction)...back to my point...while watching the news about Bernie Madoff's sentencing (he got 150 years in jail for running a $65b billion Ponzi scheme) they were interviewing the supposed 'Survivors' ('Victims' for the sane). Apparently these people are angry with the government and SEC. They are asking how come the SEC did not regulate Bernie Madoff's Hedge fund and are asking for answers.

So here is what I think about them...I do feel bad for them, at least those people who had no idea where their money was going, but for those who invested in Bernie's scheme expecting a 20% return, I have no sympathy.....its straightforward financial plan is going to give you a 20% return......they were greedy and they lost...and now they should just deal with it

As for government control, these are the same people who are the first ones to cry foul when the government is trying to regulate the financial industry....these fear mongers call it socialism and government interference. They don't want the government to regulate anything, they want the forces of capitalism to work their charm..everyone is happy and skipping around like a drunken monkey till the cash is rolling in....

But as soon as they fall victim to their own greed, they want the government to be responsible for the failures and hand out bail out money to them!

What is next? eat tons junk food and make BIG boo boo and when they are unable to clean themselves off very well...blame the government for not regulating their food and wiping their ass**s clean??....Idiots!

MIA ..... a long due blog entry

Sorry guys for being MIA, life is kinda Topsy Turvy...not complaining, just stating the facts. Anyhow, let me state all the things that have been going on ...

First of all my work for the past 3 weeks was crazy busy! Some days were so busy I had no time to freaking go P**...forgive my french :)

I was running to the restroom and back..I mean I was so fast that I could have tried out for the Olympics...but the reality hit me one time...rather I hit reality really hard...for those who haven't guessed yet, I fell...hit the floor face first and thus lost two things; the Olympic dream and my dignity :) here is the kicker I was late for the meeting, which was the reason I was running in the first place!

Then came the great news last Friday that the whole department (in which i am working) is getting shut down, so back to square one!. Super Sucky situation and in response I have been super pissed :) just coz I have no intention of sitting at home and put on anymore least in the pretext of going to work I was getting some exercise...and yeah for some freaking crazy reason for two years I did not put an ounce and in two months BAM 5 freaking kilos...what the hell!! but then that is a mystery I am still trying to solve.

In response to my weight and S's need for something fun to do, we went and bought a table tennis set (2 bats, 3 tt balls and a net) and converted our dinning table into a tt table...Super cool!!....we are still in the fun and games kinda spirit. Apparently I sulk when I start to loose and therefore we don't play for points....we just see how many times a person misses the table......and yes I am winning that count :) .. thank you very much!

And just following the news, with all these people kicking the bucket there was a ton to read about. Not that I was interested in any of their lives when they were alive, but hey I felt bad when they died and read a lot of news about any case I am a news geek, gotta get my dosage of daily news....the only difference is that I read a lot more news than normal and therefore no time for anything else.

Anyway looks I am going to have a lot more time on my hands...hopefully I will catch up on the reading of everyone's blog entries.

In any case if any of you want to find me a is what I want. Ideally I would like to be paid to travel and eat.....but that might a difficult position to track down... so if that is not possible, then I would like be one of the voices in a cartoon show, hopefully something like the Family Guy...My voice is High pitched, nasal and I can be super whiny.... in short perfect for a cartoon ( I can so be Meg!)

So there you go, you have a good Idea what I am looking for...go forth and bring me results!!


Ps: EISI..this is the entry I was working on :) its out at last! yay!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Love the beginning!

Happy First Sweetheart!

Love how this journey has begun!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love you

Happy 30th Mom and Dad

Love you tons!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exceptions to the Rule are Few!

As much as I loved the last forward I got, (and I shared it) I am not a big fan of Forwards at all. Only once a while do I actually read something that I like.....

Here I share an old post from MS.....with the help of my friends C&P!...Hope u like this one :)


Email…ah THE life line, I would be so lost without it. Its my link to my loved-family, my oh-my-god-why family, my loved-friends, my why-do-you-bother friends, my Boss, my co-workers and sometimes a connection to myself….come on…don’t pretend…haven’t you mailed yourself??? Even to send an attachment??? Never?? Ok now I am ashamed :)

With the life line comes a major thorn .....forwards they are like the small enough glass particle, that gets into your skin but doesn’t completely kill you…it just stays there till you evict it.

For me forwards are just like that, not all but MOST of them. Now I will not go into what forwards are ….coz if YOU DON’T KNOW THAT…please quit reading…and send me your email address…and I promise to send you the forward that WILL KILL YOU if you don’t forward it….!

There are various types of forwards….and I will take the trouble of Listing them…for your Pain..I mean your Pleasure!

Types of Forward

The HA HA Forward

These are text jokes, or pictures, or Pictures with Text get the idea. Some of these jokes are of the ‘even-a-3rd-standard-kid w-wont-laugh-at-this’ Category! ….say like a Santa Banta jokes :

Santa (at the ticket counter) : Hi can I get one ticket to the Punjab Mail and one to the Punjab Female?
Clerk: What???
Santa: Yeah my wife also wants to travel !

(you are not allowed to beat me for this! :))

I usually DELETE this email… the first chance I get….but now before sending an even more BORING joke and/or a mail threatening the sender (who in this case could be a friend…..or soon to be EX-friend).

The SCARE Forward

You will recognize these, by their very non-non-threatening, message that reads, that So-and So (usually MSN , or Google…oh and most recently ORKUT.) is checking for active users. And you will get deleted if you don’t forward this to all the members in your address book.

Remedy: DELETE…though it does seem that these organizations, HAVE to use this kind of email to check if you are active, you logging in a 100 times a day apparently does not tell them that…Blah!!!


You know what I am talking about ….Increase you *Cough* for the guys and *Different Cough* for the girls, boost your S*ex life …blah blah blah…OH really!...can it happen…can some one vouch for that…What a loa*d of BHAISE GOBBAR!....

What gets even more disturbing is why are they sending me forwards to increase my *Cough* that is supposed to be meant for the MANLY man kind???? Is this some Kind of message….or is it some joke?

Remedy: DELETE….or I would consider forwarding it to people who I particularly don’t like….Hey don’t look at me like that….I am just trying to INCREASE and BOOST their Confidence ;) ;)


You know the one with the Religious overtones……A picture of a god, a prayer..etc…and after the initial goody feeling that the email projects…it takes you Immediately to the DIRE consequences section.

If you don’t forward this…with a long list of Consequences:

Your Cat will turn vegetarian
You will not be invited to the Martian Party
Your dog will stop Licking his *Gullis*
You will not be able to PEE for 2000 years
Your 215th hair will turn Green

And the most famous one of all

You will not find your TRUE LOVE!

Hello….he is already DEAD!...I killed him…for sending me this forward!....

Do I have to repeat this again?? Ok here goes DELETE…..So far, I have not died, my True love hasn’t left me (read above why!), I don’t own a cat…and Dogs will always be dogs…Licking is a part of their existence…sorry even you can't meddle with that!

So that’s that the High and low of the Forwards!...Hope you enjoy it

Oh wait what is this???? Nice…Another forward..!!!

This is the 1500th forward that I have received, which lets me know in oh-so-polite a manner, that unless I forward this mail to a 100,000 people in the next 5 seconds, that my Mother’s Mom’s only Daughter’s only Daughter, will die in the next seven days.

Oh well……For those who have know me for so this long ........

GOODBYE! , just incase I don’t see you again!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Waiting!!

This one sent by my uncle...I found it totally awesome! thought would pass this one on..:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BLOOD ~ the Sweet Sinister ~ BLOOD

Red and thick it flows between the wheels, continuing to coat everything around, the handle, the levers, only to find its way to the floor; a bright red steady stream against the brown wood. Seeping into the drainage, coloring the underground system red; it finds its way to the open seas…..the blood has coated and colored them all!!!!

This ladies and gentlemen is how the movie opens. So open your eyes, train your ears and strap yourself down for a bloody journey ahead.

First the basics

Movie : Sweeney Todd
Director: Tim Burton

Actors: (ref.– IMDB)

Johnny Depp : Sweeney Todd
Helena Bonham Carter : Mrs. Lovett
Alan Rickman : Judge Turpin
Timothy Spall : Beadle Bamford
Sacha Baron Cohen : Signor Adolfo Pirelli


After serving a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit, Sweeney Todd a.k.a Benjamin Barker sails up to London. Opening with a brilliant rendition of ‘No Place Like London’ he sets foot into the city, with an intention of finding his beautiful wife and his then infant daughter. On arrival he meets with Mrs. Lovett, in her aptly doomed meat pie shop, who tells Mr. Todd of the tragic death of his wife thru the doing of the lecherous Judge Turpin, who is now holding Todd’s daughter Joanne as his ward, who she adds he is planning to marry.

Todd fueled by rage and a desire for revenge sets up his barber shop above Mrs. Lovett’s Pie shop. Staring with Signor Adolfo Pirelli, a self proclaimed barber and a flamboyant Con Artist, who he defeated in a public display of skills to regain his reputation, and then kills but slitting his throat dramatically in a spray of blood, Sweeney Todd begins his murderous journey thru all who sit in his chair to get to Judge Tupin.

What follows in scene after scene of slit throats and bodies being ground into pie stuffing, which bring Mrs Lovett’s business back roaring in full glory, thanks to the delicious MEAT pies, that all of London Craves.

Throw in Anthony a very good looking sailor and his love for young Joanne, the ever so wicked judge Tupin and his ever scheming Beadle Bamford and ofcourse the Beggar lady who senses ‘London Burning’ and you have the most fantastic murderous tale staring you in the face.

My Take:

It is by now well known that though Sweeney Todd is a musical, and the main leads were not singers per se. But the brilliance in the movie at least according to me is Depp, he blurs the lines between singing and acting so much so that the audience is not aware of his inadequacies as a singer from the very first note he hits.

Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs Lovett is a perfect companion to Depp’s Todd. The rest of the cast also compliment the Main characters and together they deliver a Oscar worthy movie…that’s right…you heard me!

I was going to take my parents for this movie, unknowing of the contents, but I am so glad they stayed home. No matter how many times throats get slit and the human flesh gets ground, the audience is aghast every time as if it were the first.

The brilliance of the movie lies in the blood, the thick dark, all engulfing blood… I would ruin it for you if I would tell you all the details and how the movie ends, so I will refrain. But I must warn you, this movie is not meant for the faint hearted and if you are one you would be well advised to steer clear, but then again its ok if you have to put yourself thru this movie…Its so worth it…I vouch as perhaps the most faint hearted person among all I have known, that this movie is one of the very very very few that you should sit thru.

After all the gasps and the shrieks, and checking to see of there is any blood on the floor, the audience is guaranteed to exit with a broader appreciation for the perfection of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

All in all this is thrill, emotion, Humor , Murder and Gore in all their glory….NOT TO BE MISSED!!!


PS : My Take was going to be just one word DEPP *sigh*.....I mean I have to elaborate? I did not think so ..but for the guys sake I did :) .

Note: I saw this movie over the weekend...and therefore the repeat (C&P) posting!

Friday, April 17, 2009

MS - My Ode to Coffee

Starting off the efforts of my friends (C&P) by bringing to my space one of my fav reviews....It was written a while back and while the situation is not relevant...the emotion behind the review sure is!

Here goes...

Sorry people I went into hibernation for the past 4 weeks due to the fact that I did not have access to the comp for a really long time. But I have woken up and hey guess what woke me up, come on you know by now, you read the topic of this review didn’t you??? Coffee of course !!!!!!!! This review is more of what coffee means to me and none of what Brooke Bond is!!! hehehehehehehe.

Let me start of by explaining my whole waking up process. I was asleep ( had to be!!!! I have to wake up right?) well, I distinctly remember dreaming of chocolate cake, basically caffeine, right. Well, as my dream got more and more dreamy, I remember wanting coffee(even in my dream amazing what addiction does to you.). Just then the smell of coffee extended its hand and just like in the cartoons wafted through my nose, ahhhhh!!! the heavenly smell, its like a deep fog of pure pleasure filling up your lungs.

This was the cue my body needed. I jumped and ran from my bedroom to my kitchen just to be able to glance at the source of the smell, I had to see for myself the coffee brewing, knowing very well that all I had to do was freshen up, and then my mouth will experience sheer ecstasy that comes with just one sip of the god send drink.

I was right I did see the coffee brewing, yes!!!, but I also was my mom standing there with a big grin on her face. Something was not right, DAMN then I remembered; the bet how could I have forgotten????? Well filling you in, my mom had asked me to get up early that day to go to the temple, and me being me, lazy as ever had protested, and said that I could not get up at 6:00am, that was ridiculous..... My mom had then said that she knew how to wake me up, and I has dared her, that nothing in this world could wake me up, at least nothing she could do.

Apparently I was wrong. Boy I should have known that she has a secret arsenal, she obviously exploited my feelings by using my addiction to coffee to wake me up, not only that I now owe her One week of waking up early just for the sake of it, and that is because me loudmouth dared her the night before that if she could wake me up, I will myself get up for a week as early as she wants me to.

Well back to my morning, I glanced back at the watch it was only 5:30am!!!!!!!!!!!. I cannot believe mom deprived me of my 30 minutes of sleep. Cannot blame coffee for waking me up, it cannot help but be the elixir of life, tell me can you blame the rose for being beautiful? No right? In the same way you cannot blame the coffee for being itself.

The morning story ends with me going to the temple and all and a whole week of misery. But I am not complaining. It is alas a small price to pay for my mug(s) of freshly brewed coffee.

Imagine if you may, the first sip, as your lips touch the rim of the coffee mug, and you are tilting the mug towards you, your body in anticipation of the coffee almost goes mad. Then as coffee enters your mouth, the latter is filled with a deep dark full taste that is like no other, you close your eyes and savor every drop in every nook and corner of your mouth. When you swallow the coffee you feel it burning through your food pipe (its hot, who the hell has the patience to cool the coffee and then drink it?) the cool burning sensation, this is what you have been waiting all night. As it enters your system, it awakens all your senses, your mind is on full alert, energy is surging through your body, and you are ready to face the day ahead. Oh heavenly coffee I owe you so much!!!!!!!!

I drink 9-10 glasses of coffee a day, and yes I do admit it I am an addict, but this is one addiction I am not ready to forgo. People all the time have something to say to me about how bad coffee is. That I should stop drinking coffee and blah blah blah. STOP DRINKING WHAT??????? No way, you cannot pry that mug of coffee from my dead hands, I will sacrifice my life for the noble coffee (haven’t you read all that it does for us?). I need the elixir of life, It doesn’t matter that I need 10 glasses of it, it is a part of me, I cannot give it up. Coffee has been giving its life and soul for humanity for ages and if I am required to make a sacrifice, and drink it all the time, then that is what I will do!! As a matter of fact that is what I am off to do now. If you have a heart and a faint love for humanity, go drink coffee, give coffee back what coffee gives to you!!.

Lots of Love and Coffee, I mean peace

Friday, April 10, 2009

Copy and Paste - My friends

Meet Copy and Paste...they are good buddies to me. Now they have agreed to work efficiently and tirelessly to bring over all my work from one particular website to my blog :)

So ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together in appreciation for Copy and Paste my buddies....for all the work they are going to do (and all the work I won't HAVE to do)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

By self; Birthday and Bling!!

Last week was a week I will not forget for a long long time! Let me start from the beginning...

S decided to go visit India and mom decided that she would go too. And being that the other two men in my family were also in other parts of the country, I was all alone. For the first time in almost 10 years, I was in my house all by myself, left to enjoy my own company (Oh Boy!) It was more fun than I thought it would be, I came home every evening after work and just chilled! no cooking, no talking, no nothing; just sit myself on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and enjoy the silence...Bliss!

Then of course later in the evening I would get to see S and mom....thank god for Skype!!!!..(or the software programmers :))

Well, but at the end of the week I was so ready for some company! and at the right time guess who shows up? S...yipee!! so yesterday he comes back, and may I add just in time for my birthday! That was the best present ever! and on top of that he arranged for a cake ...I tell you this man sweeps me off my feet !! *swoon*

Now S is not the romantic type, at least that is what I claimed for sometime, but with the first engageversary surprise, the Valentine flowers he bought for me (and he also bought a bouquet for mom on behalf of my dad...*awww*)and now him showing up for my Birthday, it is getting more and more difficult for me to call him unromantic.

And on top of that he actually bought me a pretty pair of earrings with a little diamond in each as my present! and he picked them out too! Plus the only piece of jewelry I bought for my self (my wedding ring) came from India!...and so I am now all Bling Bling :)

So now ladies and gentlemen, I have enjoyed my time By my self, got to celebrate my Birthday with my sweetheart and now I am all binged out!

Life is freaking cool!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go Girl!!

Read a article in BBC today. Egyptian Women are taking up Martial arts for Self Defense, coz harassment is a huge problem. Here are some Statistics from that.

Pretty shocking huh! And guess what as the case is in a lot of times, the perverts carrying out the sexual harassment blamed the women!! In this case 53%!! Apparently the women brought it on themselves by not being "Modest". Same shit different country I guess. But the article goes on to say this:

The author of the report, Nihad Aboul-Qumsan, says too often it is the woman who is blamed for dressing provocatively.

"Most of the people we questioned said there wouldn't be such harassment if women dressed in a modest way. But when we questioned women on what they were wearing when they were abused more than 70% said they were wearing a headscarf.

Ha! but there is a note in this article that made me smile

"Our job is to give them the skills they need to protect themselves should something happen.

"One of our girls was attacked on the way home. A boy on a bus grabbed her from behind. She used a technique we had taught her to restrain him, until other people on the bus gathered around to help. He was later handed over to the police."

So Basically....... Teach every Girl to Kick some A*** and the world will be a better place!....and maybe then the perverts out there will own up to their corrupted morals, rather than blaming the girl.....coz u know blaming the girl while she is tearing you a new H**e is not the wisest thing to do!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

God has been found !!

Our belief in god is varied from those who don't believe at all, to those who dedicate their life to god. God has been involved in human life from the very beginning and the fact that we have created the image of God to our likeness, just goes to show how much we want to relate to the Almighty and how we try to find Her/Him in our life and in all its wonder.

Read the following article in and wanted to share it. Its about finding God, in this case Jesus.....Its a true but funny take on the places people claim to have seen the image of Jesus,8599,1884117,00.html

Jesus can be found in:
• On a grilled cheese sandwich
• On a potato chip
• On a window pane
• On a pancake
• On a piece of burnt toast
• On a tree trunk
• On a Cheeto
• On a waffle
• On a spoon
• On a frying pan
• On a cinnamon roll
• On a danish (this may be the same as the aforementioned cinnamon roll. Unclear)
• On a fish stick
• On a cat
• On a moth
• In an ultrasound (creepy)
• In some salsa
• On a grape
• In a cellphone pic
• On a turtle shell
• In a vat of spumoni ice cream
• We didn't even mention the man who's convinced that he can see the Virgin Mary in the leg wound likely suffered when he fell off his bar stool ("You can actually almost see her holding the baby Jesus").


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't make this up!

Getting really bored I was checking out some stuff about Vedic astrology. Came across this forum and on one thread was this guy offering free horoscope readings....and here is a Gem from that thread!









Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My current favourite thought

"When she stopped conforming to the conventional picture of femininity she finally began to enjoy being a woman." ~Betty Friedan~

Friday, February 27, 2009

Me n My 25

Ok I did this 25 thing obviously wasn't gonna do it again...(the first 25 tested my lazy gene enuf!)

But since Ava and EISI tagged me...I am reproducing my work here..dang my second reproduction...Wow that sounds BAD...hahahahahahaha!! Anyway ... so here it goes!

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. 25 just happens to be my favorite number :)

2. I am watching 'The Chronicles of Narnia' at the moment...Love it! (now watching hubby play on the wii :))

3. I have wanted a tattoo for a really long time now....only if I didn't fear needles so much :(

4. I get light headed when I see needles.....even on the TV !

5. I cannot see Horror movie, or suspense movies or that leaves me Comedies and Romantic Comedies

6. I am a total cry baby...any emotional scene is guaranteed to make me cry!

7. I love the smell of fresh ground coffee

8. I am blessed to have friends that have stuck with me for almost 20 years now :)

9. Seeing my friends at my wedding was the best present ever!..I missed you guys for 10 years!

10. I just got a whole new set of parents this year...and a sister I never had....I love them!!!!..Touchwood !

11. I think I have the coolest guys in my family...specially my dad, my uncle and my hubby...My drinking buddies!

12. College days were the best....I wish there was such a thing as a professional student...and the position paid well :)

13. I realized that unless you love yourself no one else will...that includes loving the weight on you

14. I stopped dieting ... or even trying to diet 2 years I just love the way I more body issues :)

15. I put on weight when I I stopped :)) and lost 10 cool is that?

16. I don't learn from others mistakes....Only learn from my mistakes...and I have learned a lot!! ha ha

17. When something happens, I go over the incident over and over again in my head..and play out various ways the situation could have the end of which I have no idea what exactly happened in the first place :)

18. My memory sucks......can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast

19. Pretentious people piss me off!

20. I think I have a mild form of OCD

21.Sleep is the best therapy!

22. The only way to eat chocolate Ice cream is to partially melt it and lick it off your fingers

23. I LOVE chocolate

24. My hubby spoils me and I love it!!!

25. And I just turned vegetarian couple of years ago...Love it!

Ps: Not tagging anyone..since most poeple I know have been tagged..yeah yeah I know..I Late Latif!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because I am a *Girl*

This world is nuts....Girls getting molested, raped and at the end of the day the criminal(s) give some pathetic lame ass excuse....more recently, apparently these vermin are using the 'Protection of Indian Culture' as an excuse...I am yet to see where molesting women is documented as Indian culture!

Oh and now the Economic divide is another reason...a Upwardly mobile girl gets raped by 10 village men...and here is what the Village elder has to say

"We respect our women," village elder Ranbir Yadav tells me.

"But we also have our traditions," he adds, gesticulating at a young woman who hurries away from us with her face averted, her head covered. As he explains, unmarried women in the village cannot travel unescorted or reveal their face to men.

"All the boys are innocent," one man tells me. "They did not rape anyone but yes, they may have beaten the couple up."

More on that here

I am sick of molestation and Rape being used as a weapon .. and with the Fantastic attitude of the Indian society towards the girl child, I am kinda thrilled to see the recent uprising....and so I am all in support of the Pink Chaddi campaign...I will be waiting to read all the wonderful happening on Valentines day.

Here is a BBC article on that

All this going on...reminded me of an article I had written some time back on a review site...and I thought this just ties in somehow...its an article I am proud to recycle.

So here goes......


Title : Because I am a *Girl*

So if you were to tell me about the story of yourself or a Girl child you have known; what would you say, if you looked; what will you see, if she turned around
and narrated her story….What would you hear???

Just a Story told…..

Because I am a girl, my mother cried when I was born
Because I am a girl, my father walked away, despising my face
Because I am a girl, my family sees me as a burden
Because I am a girl, education is not meant for me
Because I am a girl, I am exploited from the moment I can walk
Because I am a girl, I am teased and humiliated, and it’s still my fault
Because I am a girl, Rape on me is used as a weapon of war
Because I am a girl, I will be sold off, traded, gotten rid of like an animal
Because I am a girl, I will earn half for double the work I do

Because I am a girl, I will shed a tear when I bear ANOTHER baby GIRL

Her Story told….

Because I am a girl, I know I am hated from the moment I was born
Because I am a girl, I am told over and over I am unwanted
Because I am a girl, I stay home and work, while my brother plays outside
Because I am a girl, I yearn to go to school, but know I can’t
Because I am a girl, I will fetch fire wood, a load I can barely bare
Because I am a girl, I will sweep the floor, and wash the clothes
Because I am a girl, I will cook for all, while my brother plays Football
Because I am a girl, I know I’ll be marrying at 15, a burden unloaded
Because I am a girl, I will bear a child, before I end my childhood
Because I am a girl, I will be chided for bearing another baby girl

Because I am a girl, I will shed a tear, when my girl, gives birth to JUST another GIRL

My Story Told….

Because I am a girl, my father was overjoyed at my birth
Because I am a girl, I was showered with chocolates and dolls
Because I am a girl, I was bought pretty dresses and ribbons to wear
Because I am a girl, I was told to study well and play hard
Because I am a girl, I am told never to back down in the face of adversity
Because I am a girl, I am told I am stronger mentally and emotionally
Because I am a girl, I am pushed to prove myself
Because I am a girl, I am protected and taught to protect myself
Because I am a girl, I feel loved, as a daughter, as a sister, as a person

Because I am a girl, I hope to bring into this world, a SPECIAL baby GIRL

What story will YOU tell?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enjoy being bitten!

Brand India is cool, known for its engineers, brilliant minds, colorful culture and people. Yes sir, we make most of the IT industry, and we dominate the Call centers. Yoga is spreading like wildfire, and Indian food is definitely catching on!..and now we have the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire'...fantastic...we were all smiling.

These are things that help in the long run, sure, this Brand India will continue to grow in its popularity and its influence. India also happens to one of the more stable countries in the region, at least compared to the neighbors who are like drunken sailors running out of money (well technically they are not allowed to drink), we look like the respectable Accountant uncle who is amassing wealth the righteous way!

But is definitely not roses all the way now is it? We as Indians have always dealt with things like, Major sexism (sply the girls...makes us stronger in a way..and provides ammo), Caste based discrimination, 14th century attitudes etc etc. But then we kinda put up with it, shrugged it off...its the Jane do yaar kinda attitude....and that my friends has come back to bite us in the ass!

Picture this...One happy couple, walking hand in hand, smiling at each other...the rush of love...suddenly a man stops them and screams at the girl for wearing jeans, the boy for wearing shorts, and at them for holding hands and public display of affection!!...there is already a crowd forming...all on lookers " Bhaagte ho ke bulaoon public ko tumhe maarne ke liye...saale angrez if aulad..humare Bharat ke sanskriti ko kharab karte ho"...screams the nut job and the poor couple runs away from there, before there is any trouble and more people gathers. What comes of this incident... the couple are more careful while out in public and the So called upholder of Indian morals feeling triumphant moves of looking for his next target.

And now the ass biting begins...!!

New year revelers are molested, Indians and Foreigners alike, coz no one in India has the right to wear western clothes and party in pubs and clubs. And you definitely cannot intermingle with the opposite sex unless you sport or she sports a Mangalsutra. You can if you want drink roadside liquor, visit a beer bar, lust after a dancing girl and and then go home and beat your wife...but just make sure u are wearing an Indian outfit....Dhoti will be Ideal.

And god forbid on Valentines day you venture out to buy your loved one a rose or a gift or take your loved one out for a romantic evening to show your appreciation for them. Don't you know that Valentine day celebration can lead to SEX....*tauba tauba*. And In India no one has sex!! Fornication is not what India does....all our children are born through Immaculate conception.

Today Jay Leno talked about the Valentine day threat in India...fantastic, He is spreading our warning to the world; Dont you guys dare to come for a romantic getaway to exotic India, we will not tolerate you kissing or fornicating...but we will be there to molest you !!

And no before you ask the question, you are not allowed to kiss...Kissing even a peck on the cheek leads to Sex...and you should know by now where we stand on that Issue.

I think we are sending clear signals to the rest of the world too arent we? The news about Gere kissing Shilpa and the resulting reaction of the Keepers of Indian Culture created such a fantastic opportunity for the world media. They had a field day!! Now even they know that Indians don't kiss! is the BBC Article

Ooh that took out a big chuck of the rear....Enjoy there is more to come and the wounds are only going to get much more painful!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Apologize for winning ?

Read this piece of news this morning - here -

The gist of the story is that there was held a high school girls basket ball game between two schools; The Covenant School and the Dallas Academy. The end result was that the Covenant school defeated the Dallas academy by 100 - 0.

And then came the drama, the winning team was criticized for wining with such a huge margin and being not showing any humility in the game. Its a sensitivity issue u see, be sensitive towards your fellow looser, feel sorry for winning. Here is how it was put in the article :

The private Christian school defeated Dallas Academy last week. Covenant was up 59-0 at halftime.

A parent who attended the game told The Associated Press that Covenant continued to make 3-pointers -- even in the fourth quarter. She praised the Covenant players but said spectators and an assistant coach were cheering wildly as their team edged closer to 100 points.

"I think the bad judgment was in the full-court press and the 3-point shots," said Renee Peloza, whose daughter plays for Dallas Academy. "At some point, they should have backed off."

Now officials from The Covenant School say they are trying to do the right thing by seeking a forfeit and apologizing for the margin of victory. Covenant coach Micah Grimes did not immediately respond to a message left by The Associated Press on Thursday.

Queal said school officials met with Dallas Academy officials to apologize and praised "each member of the Dallas Academy Varsity Girls Basketball team for their strength, composure and fortitude in a game in which they clearly emerged the winner."

My immediate thought when I read this article was that the world has gone completely wrong. Are we asking the winning team to apologize coz they won?? And the losers should be one ones to forgive coz they are so high and mighty...traits apparently bestowed by the devastating loss???

It is a competition, one team wins one team looses. Rather than telling the winning team to forfeit the match and apologize, how about taking to task the loosing team and its coach and see where they failed.

I am sick of these people trying to make everything better for a looser rather than congratulating the winner. As children when we lost anything, we learnt from our losses, and that is what made the victories even sweeter.

This sensitivity issues and the way they are dealt with is getting to the point of being insane! or am I being too critical? Should winners not be applauded and losers made to strive to be winners? or should losers be applauded and winners chided for wining?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheers President Obama !!

I sat on my favorite couch all day and watched the new President being sworn in. There is a sense of hope, a sense of better things to come and after a long time there is a optimism that we all so need at this time.

I hope President Obama is able to fulfill his promises, bring the change that he spoke about and continue to inspire the nation and the young people that look up to him.

Here is wishing for a new era. We have been going through a very tough place and with the swearing in of President Obama there is Hope again.

As Justin Timberlake put it on last evening's Oprah 'America is Cool again"...lolz...On that note check out the video - Barack Obama keeping it Cool on SNL.

Cheers to you Mr. President !!!