Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Engageversary!!!

It brings a smile to my face just thinking of last Tuesday. It was a day of celebration, a day very close to my heart, it was a year since me and my sweetheart 'S' got 'officially' engaged *wink* *wink* :). So well as my brother put it, I celebrated my first "Engageversary"!! ..phew that's quite a mouthful.

So yeah its not supposed to be an official celebration, but being the hopeless romantic that I am, I could not help but celebrating. I had no expectations from 'S' as I cannot really give him grief for not going all mushy for me on a day that really doesn't even have a given official name .... So after I wished him at midnight, I fell asleep and woke up the next day all happy and bubbly. My thoughts were predominantly with 'S' coming home from work and then hopefully getting to watch a movie cuddled up in the comfort of the sofa.

Evening came and brought my sweetheart home. I was in for a big suprise as he bought me.....*drum roll* Flowers!!! OMG....I was for me?? really?...I almost pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming :)

After jumping around the house for the next 20 mins, I managed to get the flowers in a vase...ahhhh my heart still sings looking at the expression of love :). What makes it even more special, is that 'S' is not really a romantic like me, but just knowing what this day means to me, he picked something that would celebrate the day....awww such a sweetheart!

The flowers are gorgeous...he did really good!...ah was a wonderfully romantic gesture..and here is hoping for many many more of them :)

Love to all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Bad, the worse and the GRIM

I know the title sounds awfully depressing, but then all the reading I did online was much much worse, and it has left me thinking....or rather brooding.

I have always been interested in Vedic astrology, more so for the calculations and methodology involved than the actual predictions themselves. So invariably like everyone else the internet is a great source of information for me. Coz of the excessive time on hand owing to the economic downturn here, I started to read about vedic astrology late last night, promising myself not to read past 2am, unknowing to me, that was not to be.

Long story short, I stumbled across predictions for the US and the world for the years 2008 written by this guy. He predicted the Dollar falling, the hurricane season, the rising Petrol cost, rising of gold, war in the middle east (duh!), UK going into recession etc etc. Well we have seen all this happening...right! so ok all is not fine and dandy...but at least its something we are already experiencing and so not so bothersome.

But then there are other things that he predicted, Iran war, Burning of US war ships, Quakes in Indonesia and Japan, assassinations worldwide, India Pakistan tensions escalating, Us election scandal, a new deadly world virus etc etc....u get the idea. So if that wasn't enuf, I wanted to find out some more, and I went hunting for information, more predictions, and lo and behold, all I found was people predicting, wars, starvation, drought, floods, earthquakes, power hungry people, genocides etc.

This got me thinking, is this what we have to look forward to? Or is this just fear mongering by all? Do astrologers not look into the positives, is their business just based on picking out doomsday and telling us just what the path to that looks like?

I was technically up reading till 4 am, but it left me sleepless, and the little mercy of sleep that I was granted was strewn with nightmares, mainly of cockroaches running around in my neighborhood! Now maybe that should be my prediction of the coming of the does that sound?

Well all in all, not only did all this negativity leave me wondering about our future but the future of the coming generations. Is it really fair for us to actually bring in children to this Grim world??