Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie's Survivors and the SEC

As stated in my last post, I am a news junkie and sure enough today while watching the news (yup...I read plus I watch...and yeah I also listen to public radio news :)..its an addiction)...back to my point...while watching the news about Bernie Madoff's sentencing (he got 150 years in jail for running a $65b billion Ponzi scheme) they were interviewing the supposed 'Survivors' ('Victims' for the sane). Apparently these people are angry with the government and SEC. They are asking how come the SEC did not regulate Bernie Madoff's Hedge fund and are asking for answers.

So here is what I think about them...I do feel bad for them, at least those people who had no idea where their money was going, but for those who invested in Bernie's scheme expecting a 20% return, I have no sympathy.....its straightforward financial plan is going to give you a 20% return......they were greedy and they lost...and now they should just deal with it

As for government control, these are the same people who are the first ones to cry foul when the government is trying to regulate the financial industry....these fear mongers call it socialism and government interference. They don't want the government to regulate anything, they want the forces of capitalism to work their charm..everyone is happy and skipping around like a drunken monkey till the cash is rolling in....

But as soon as they fall victim to their own greed, they want the government to be responsible for the failures and hand out bail out money to them!

What is next? eat tons junk food and make BIG boo boo and when they are unable to clean themselves off very well...blame the government for not regulating their food and wiping their ass**s clean??....Idiots!

MIA ..... a long due blog entry

Sorry guys for being MIA, life is kinda Topsy Turvy...not complaining, just stating the facts. Anyhow, let me state all the things that have been going on ...

First of all my work for the past 3 weeks was crazy busy! Some days were so busy I had no time to freaking go P**...forgive my french :)

I was running to the restroom and back..I mean I was so fast that I could have tried out for the Olympics...but the reality hit me one time...rather I hit reality really hard...for those who haven't guessed yet, I fell...hit the floor face first and thus lost two things; the Olympic dream and my dignity :) here is the kicker I was late for the meeting, which was the reason I was running in the first place!

Then came the great news last Friday that the whole department (in which i am working) is getting shut down, so back to square one!. Super Sucky situation and in response I have been super pissed :) just coz I have no intention of sitting at home and put on anymore least in the pretext of going to work I was getting some exercise...and yeah for some freaking crazy reason for two years I did not put an ounce and in two months BAM 5 freaking kilos...what the hell!! but then that is a mystery I am still trying to solve.

In response to my weight and S's need for something fun to do, we went and bought a table tennis set (2 bats, 3 tt balls and a net) and converted our dinning table into a tt table...Super cool!!....we are still in the fun and games kinda spirit. Apparently I sulk when I start to loose and therefore we don't play for points....we just see how many times a person misses the table......and yes I am winning that count :) .. thank you very much!

And just following the news, with all these people kicking the bucket there was a ton to read about. Not that I was interested in any of their lives when they were alive, but hey I felt bad when they died and read a lot of news about any case I am a news geek, gotta get my dosage of daily news....the only difference is that I read a lot more news than normal and therefore no time for anything else.

Anyway looks I am going to have a lot more time on my hands...hopefully I will catch up on the reading of everyone's blog entries.

In any case if any of you want to find me a is what I want. Ideally I would like to be paid to travel and eat.....but that might a difficult position to track down... so if that is not possible, then I would like be one of the voices in a cartoon show, hopefully something like the Family Guy...My voice is High pitched, nasal and I can be super whiny.... in short perfect for a cartoon ( I can so be Meg!)

So there you go, you have a good Idea what I am looking for...go forth and bring me results!!


Ps: EISI..this is the entry I was working on :) its out at last! yay!