Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What really Impresses us - The Secrets

Another C&P from my MS reviews! Hope you enjoy this one :)


Impressing a woman is seen as a monumental task! Before you say ‘I knew it!’ just remember anything worth having is worth fighting for. So for the male kind, I the Angel am putting out tips, that will help you stay the number one guy in your Gals life!

There are stages to every girls’s life. The Girl is a daughter first, then a sister, then a wife, then a mother, then a mother in law, and then a Grandmother. So to impress a woman, you need to go thru impressing all the stages.

Lets start with the Kiddo Versions

Impressing your new Born baby Girl
This is perhaps one of the easiest stages for you, all you have to do is pick up the bundle of joy, and she is already gurgling her love for her dad. Feed her some mush and she is smiling her toothless smile at her father. Rock her to sleep and you have got all the loyalty you’ll ever crave.

Impressing your Girl Child
The girls in almost all cases (including me) idolize their dad. The dad is the hero, he is the strong one that protects us. He is the one we turn to when we need something. So all you have to do as a dad is be there for your child. An occasional chocolate (yummm), a occasional pretty dress will impress her. But what will impress her the most is when you the dad will sit and talk to her, listen to what happened in school, but most of all, just be there when she needs you….how hard can that be?

Impressing your sister
Yes sir, sisters are the greatest of your allies in this big bad world. Remember the times she sat up all night with you during your exams, made Maggie just the way you like it when you were hungry? Stood up for you in front of your parents, and prevented you from getting a beating? Well show your appreciation for her, buy her flowers, sit and talk to her, but her chocolates, and always be there when she needs her brother.

Now to the Grown up Versions

Impressing your I-Want-her-as-my-Girl-friend.
She makes your heart flutter, at the slightest of an hair flick. She distracts you during lessons, by her just being there. Her braces filled smile is the brightest you have ever seen…ah the joy of love. If only you could impress her right?

The key here is subtlety. Always be yourself, coz you want her to fall in love with the real you. Draw her attention, by going up and making polite conversation with her. Give her a flower, not necessarily a red rose, a orchid, a tulip, any flower will do. Talk to her when she comes up to you, but don’t stalk her just to carry out a conversation. Number one Rule : DO NOT DROOL at her

Impressing your Girl Friend
So she is already your girl friend, right? You have already impressed her enough for her to actually become your girl friend. But dear boy, the work does not end there. Buy her flowers, if she likes them. If your girl friend does not like flowers there is not rule saying you have to buy her those, you could instead take her to a fun evening, which you should be doing anyway. Look out for her when you guys are outside, little things like opening a door, pulling back a chair etc will ensure that she appreciates you and loves you for a long time to come

Now to even more grown up stuff

Impressing your wife
Your wife is someone who you have promised to share a lifetime of happiness with. So impressing her is just a way of keeping that promise. And a good man like you will always keep his promise right?

For the wife, small gestures of love amount to a lot. Help her with the house, the cleaning, the cooking, the laundry etc. Remember those are actually supposed to be shared tasks, but when you cook, or clean, she will be immensely thankful to god for such a wonderful man in her life.

Small gestures aside, never forget to serenade your wife, with flowers, or chocolates, or just surprise her with massages, a candlelight dinner, either home made or in a restaurant. If you have kids, take the responsibility to get their homework done, read a story to them, keep them occupied so that your wife can take some rest. Hey give her a gift to a Spa, let them pamper the queen of your life….Just because she deserves it!

Impressing your Mother

Yes sir, this person is the reason that you are alive in this world. She nurtured you and made to capable to stand in the position you stand today. She always placed your needs first, fed you when you were sick, a single kiss from her, took away the pain of a scrapped knee. You ran home from school, because you knew that she would be waiting with a big smile on the face just for you. How do you impress a woman who has undoubtedly dedicated her life to you?

Its simple, all you have to do is take care of her when she needs you. Take the time to ask her, how the day was, listen to her when she gives you advice. Ensure your kids spend time with her. Buy her flowers, take her out with the family, when making plans to do something major, involve her. But as always most importantly be there when she needs her son.

Impressing your Mother-in Law
Contrary to belief this is not as hard as people make it out to be. All you have to do is show respect to your mom-in-law as you would to your mother, and then make sure you treat her daughter right!

Impressing you Grandmother
Hey! This has to be the easiest person to impress. I mean how hard is it to impress a person, who is floored by you the minute you were born. All you have to do is look at her and smile and her soft as butter heart will melt. None the less, your brownie points will only increase if you just pay attention to your grandma and heed to her words that you will eventually realized are heavy with the wisdom that only comes with age.

So you see, it does not take much to impress a woman , all you have to do is be thoughtful and considerate, and really how hard can that be? So on that note, I end this review

Dedicated to all the wonderful men in my life, My ‘world’s best’ Dad, My ‘Cutest n Sweetest’ Brother and now my ‘God sent Blessing’ Cowboy.


Ps: To all the Women out there...anything you might want to add?
To all the Men out there.....any secrets you have to impressing your women?