Monday, November 30, 2009

In a street food state of Mind

It all started in the last Sunday of November when mom, hubby and I went shopping. While mom was busy picking out fresh veggies, hubby and I were scouting the store for puri and murmura :). After dropping mom off (and making promises to eat healthy food) hubby and I headed home, and immediately whipped up some Pani Puri….that fried piece of dough dipped in Jal jeera water is like a little piece of Sunshine….suffice to say that ended up being lunch and dinner :)

Then came my blur of a trip to Mumbai (that is another post altogether), where I was unable to eat any Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji, and was totally disappointed. So naturally the only way to remedy the situation was to make a mouthwatering batch of bhaji, complete with side garnishes of raw onion, Nimbu and Mirchi. Combine that with Garam Pav soaking in Makhan and I was in Pav Bhaji Heaven :)

Then came this weekend, we were completely snowed in and like the rains, when the snow is covering everything and it is cold outside, the heart yearns for some food that will soothe your soul and what better to do that the Pakodas!....and you guessed it, that is exactly what I made, some Onions, some Potatoes and some Paneer pakodas matched up with a steaming cup of Garam Garam ginger tea and I captured another piece of heaven….

With so much sunshine and Heaven going around, I am one happy girl…forget the fact that I am trying to get in shape for the Feb trip…that weight loss can wait….it’s time for some good soul soothing street food :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Design Dilemma :(

It has been 2 months since hubby and I moved and more or less we have put all the stuff in place except for one Major area…notice the capital M….actually it should be a capital D…..the Drawing room

The room is L shaped……a looooong L…and the lower part of the L is the Dining room …at least that is what we have designated it as. For a better idea I have tried and depict what the apartment looks like right now.

The picture is self explanatory and as far as possible I have kept the colors as close as possible. One thing to note that even if the carpet under the TV, Futon and the rocking chairs looks grey in the picture, it is really like egg shell white.

Now you must wonder why all this trouble of not only drawing the whole thing out, but putting it here..on this blog….the reason is I need help…

Time to admit that I totally sick when it comes to design, styling or anything to do in that world, and hubby made a big blunder by relying on me to make the Apartment a home; hoping that I would have some style…hahahaha BIG MISTAKE!!!!

So now dear dear readers/friends help me out and tell me what can I do with the big empty space from the main door to the futon? I am willing to move the furniture around (except the dining table…there are 2 huge windows and we appreciate the view during dinner and the occasional lunch).

I have no idea what I can do …and I am even willing to buy a couple more pieces of furniture to fill the space, ….help me…pluuuuleeeeezzzzz