Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Wishful Difference

I hear the birds singing,
But, my heart does not sing along ,
I see the sun shine ,
But the day has, already gone too long.

I dread the evening as it comes,
Because it brings nothing but cold ,
Sitting in this empty space,
I have none but myself to hold.

I wish, I could be there
where ever love resides,
And not have to fret about
Anything, you and me besides

Alas, peace is not meant to be
for Social Norms, a lot prevent
Only thing that remains now, love
I wish everything around was different!


sameer.mohindru said...

Tell me not in mournful numbers that life is but an empty dream

Victor Guerra said...

Truth, and meaningful!


Angel's Flight said...


Life is not an empty dream...only some dreams seem a tad bit so

Angel's Flight said...


Thanks :)

Rajeev said...

wow! :)

Teny said...

I am more than impressed :O
And I am so late to make a visit here :D

Keep writing ;)

Angel's Flight said...

Thanks sweet :)

Angel's Flight said...


Wow I am so thrilled you are here!

Cheers boy!

smisbahuddin said...

You made me remember a long forgotten song called

Tragedy by Bee Gees.
When the feelings gone you cant go on its tragedy.

Love resides in the heart, dont ever make it empty, even if you have love of flowers. It is your own love, use it, shower it, increase it. The warmth will permeate into the whole being, you being capable of LOVE is more important than others loving you.

Sad lecturing bad misba. Sorry

Desi_Chaman said...
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Sandil said...

A poet too :-) And a pretty good one at that -- keep it coming!

Maverick said...

Its a nice poem - has a lot of emptiness n pain. But, I think you should try looking at the other side of NY :)

Maverick said...

Dont you think its time for you to write about more beautiful things in life around you - like your beautiful eyes :)

Angel's Flight said...


and coz of u I remembered a wonderful old song :)


Angel's Flight said...

Hey Sandil,

GOod to see u Here!

Angel's Flight said...


Thanks for the compliment...ur comment tells me there is a poet in waiting!

Write some