Friday, July 11, 2008

And I snickered at the Apple

Got dropped by S to the station to take a train to work...and lo and behold..I see a long line of people..waiting...took me a moment to realize that they were all standing there to get their hands on the new iPhone...lolz

I couldn't help myself and snickered...boy some people have time on thier hands...and to top it all off, I heard one of the guys way back in the line say he was there since 4..and was hungry.....poor chap, I almost bought him a coffee....lolz


S said...

I guess we ahve all become materialistic.

Take me for eg I have a hood handset which is in an almost perfect condition and then one day a frn of mine asked me to enquire about some handset, he hasn't bought till now but am sure which one I am gonna buy soon :D

But yes I wud never stand in line leaving food n all for a newly released game or phone....


Angel's Flight said...

Lolz I hear ya

somehow I think I am more attached to the games on my phone than the phone itself..hell that has almost always been the reason I have bought a new Phone :)

Oxymoronic said...

Lol... It happens here in India too, but only for Chiranjeevi and Rajni movies...:)

Angel's Flight said...


Dont forget that happens here for the movies that makes it 2 counts :)