Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Bad, the worse and the GRIM

I know the title sounds awfully depressing, but then all the reading I did online was much much worse, and it has left me thinking....or rather brooding.

I have always been interested in Vedic astrology, more so for the calculations and methodology involved than the actual predictions themselves. So invariably like everyone else the internet is a great source of information for me. Coz of the excessive time on hand owing to the economic downturn here, I started to read about vedic astrology late last night, promising myself not to read past 2am, unknowing to me, that was not to be.

Long story short, I stumbled across predictions for the US and the world for the years 2008 written by this guy. He predicted the Dollar falling, the hurricane season, the rising Petrol cost, rising of gold, war in the middle east (duh!), UK going into recession etc etc. Well we have seen all this happening...right! so ok all is not fine and dandy...but at least its something we are already experiencing and so not so bothersome.

But then there are other things that he predicted, Iran war, Burning of US war ships, Quakes in Indonesia and Japan, assassinations worldwide, India Pakistan tensions escalating, Us election scandal, a new deadly world virus etc etc....u get the idea. So if that wasn't enuf, I wanted to find out some more, and I went hunting for information, more predictions, and lo and behold, all I found was people predicting, wars, starvation, drought, floods, earthquakes, power hungry people, genocides etc.

This got me thinking, is this what we have to look forward to? Or is this just fear mongering by all? Do astrologers not look into the positives, is their business just based on picking out doomsday and telling us just what the path to that looks like?

I was technically up reading till 4 am, but it left me sleepless, and the little mercy of sleep that I was granted was strewn with nightmares, mainly of cockroaches running around in my neighborhood! Now maybe that should be my prediction of the coming of the does that sound?

Well all in all, not only did all this negativity leave me wondering about our future but the future of the coming generations. Is it really fair for us to actually bring in children to this Grim world??


Smita said...


All said nd done..kucch to log kahenge...

Destiny is something which we can not change so take everything ins stride and move ahead...kal kisne dekha ha...

couchpapaya said...

hi shalini - definitely the future looks grim. if none of what u mentioned catches up with us global warming will ... anyways, it was only a few months ago that i came across this idea of existential philosophy which has taken root in my mind - live ur life responsibly towards the greater good. i'm not spiritual, so this idea abt living has quietened my mind a bit. i cannot stop anything happening out there. but i can shape how i live my life. and if everyone starts following it atleast the man-made troubles might decrease and the future look brighter. as for bringing children, there's so much else life has to offer, it seems more a pity to me NOT to bring them into the world ....

Shalini said...


I know...kaal kisi ne nahi dekha...but the outlook is grim...hai na...


Shalini said...


Existential philosophy...that's interesting will check it out..

I am a pretty spiritual person, not religious thru spirituality I seek my calm

What is disturbing to me is that, billions of people say they are religious, spiritual etc etc, but still there is all this unrest....mainly caused my religion...ironic..aint it??

As for children, I guess ur tight...thier joyous world is mostly what we make of it for them :)

Anonymous said...

And you really think all this hasent been happening through the ages, in different forms? It has and generations have survived it all. The world is a good place, fraught with angst and upheavals, yes.. but still a place of hope. Life is good, we need to learn to appreciate the whole picture. I am very hopeful for the future. My children will live in a different world for sure, but it might even be a better world for thier particular circumstances.

Another Kiran in NYC

Shalini said...

To the other Kiran :) ,

Well...not that i claimed it never happened before....but this is the only time I have experienced them :))
and therefore my views.

I agree there are wonderful things out there...and hopefully we will be able to leave behind a better world for the future generations!

Mama - Mia said...

i would agree with CP. ONE can make a difference if its EACH One. i can cut down use of paper, plastic, electricity and water and if majority of people do that we can look forward to happier life.

happier than what is being predicted...

and we bring children along so that we can inculcate the same values and hope for a better future!

hugs to you! chin up! :)



Shalini said...


True very true....thankfully here the recycling thing is mandatory....but of course being the country that produces the most waste, its kinda imperative.

As for bringing happy babies along and creating an environment of love and happiness...u sure are a role model...!

hey now ur a role model...any thoughts on that?

avdi said...

Hopefully things wont be ALL bad. All generations have this thought... Is it alright to bring children into this cruel world? But, the kids will adapt to their times quite like we adapted to ours.

Angel's Flight said...


Hopefully things will get better from here :) .... but even the kids are coming in with the me me attitude :(...parents instilled no doubt

WhatsInAName said...

Que sera sera
whatever will be, will be!
The futures not ours to see
Que sera sera :)

Hope is the way of life. Lets cling to it!

Angel's Flight said...

True babe,......very true