Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Final Word

Mumbai has been attacked and wounded, 200 people died, many more injured, millions stunned and a political few ran for cover.

Its done, the media has pumped article after article out, people on the net have talked about it over and over and most discussions in the past few days have been dominated by the gruesome incident in the desi community here.

We will talk more, we will print more and we will blog about it to, yup for the next month or so we will all be talking about it, and then our own personal lives will divert our attention and that will signal the end of our concern and need for action.

Its frustrating and here is my solution to the whole deal, yeah I will take flak for saying this but we know who is responsible, we know who has reigned terror on India time and time again and then claimed innocence.

Even now after evidence has surfaced that Pakistan is the origin for these terrorists and we will likely face more of Pakistani shit in our country, I really wanna say....NUKE THE FUCKERS

But that would not work right! Coz there have to be many a good souls across the border. So how about shooting at sight all the people you see infiltrating our border, woman, child, idiot, no matter who. If they choose to cross over, then it's implied that they accept the chance of being shot dead.

And yeah another thing we can definitely do is stop pardoning killers. The vermin have the balls to bomb us, and then when the same dimwits are caught they ask to be pardoned!!!!! In addition shoot also those who rally for the killers pardon in the name of human rights.... Screw them, let them take the killer and their fucking righteousness to their own little piece of hell!!


eye-in-sty-in said...

Sweetie, even thay have THE BOMB.... I feel your sentiments and wish it were that simple.

Btw, I read news that our friendly neighbour whose PM had offered a "No first nuke strike" just days before this terror attack is mobilising its army to the India -Pakistan border. Wonder why if they had nothing to do with the attack!

Angel's Flight said...

Exactly ....thats why the other solution!

Oh yeah it on the side they are now blackmailing America.....telling they should ask India to back down...or they will abandon their 'freedom' operations!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Little do they know that America wants that! The sooner Pak gets off the anti-terror bandwagon, the faster they can strike in the hilly regions of the NW-frontier thats a suspect Osama hideout.

Smita said...

What about the enemies which we have within our country?

What with the various warnings which were issued but ignored??? Shouldn't head roll there???

Sometimes we feel that we very easily blame Pakistan for our woes but forget the fact that it is us who offer them our country in a platter...

Do we really care enough for our country???

Angel's Flight said...


Yup lets work the logistics of it out...there are always other angles to every situation.


Trur babe, there are people within our boders too...I just chose to speak about those outside of them.

And four our own sake we need to become truly stronger right at lowest level.

sandip said...

very funny

Oxy said...

I said same.. I was ridiculed for that.. I nod in unison with you. NUKE bloddy PAKISTAN.

Eye-in-sty-in is worried about the nuclear war that might start and Smita is worried more about the internal enemies.. WHAT THE FUCK. Nuke Pakistan.. High time now I say. We will deal with rest later. And even if we are not alive to deal with rest later at least we would be termed 'dies while fighting for a cause. WHAT SAY?

Karun said...


This Man takes a Bow Lady. You indeed kept me crocheted to the only solution which is left with us. Else let us ask the fairer sex to deliver baby without balls.

Hail The Hell..Till devil is clipped in the butt.

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