Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheers President Obama !!

I sat on my favorite couch all day and watched the new President being sworn in. There is a sense of hope, a sense of better things to come and after a long time there is a optimism that we all so need at this time.

I hope President Obama is able to fulfill his promises, bring the change that he spoke about and continue to inspire the nation and the young people that look up to him.

Here is wishing for a new era. We have been going through a very tough place and with the swearing in of President Obama there is Hope again.

As Justin Timberlake put it on last evening's Oprah 'America is Cool again"...lolz...On that note check out the video - Barack Obama keeping it Cool on SNL.

Cheers to you Mr. President !!!


Smita said...


Everyone has heir hopes pinned up on him...

I hope he lives up to the hope that he has creatd...and yes even I saw the proceedings, he has some charisma for sure :))

Bedazzled said...

cheers to Obama and America ;-).. i just caught a bit of the ceremonies .. the bit when a poet went on and on .. it was really bad poetry .. i forget her name though..i agree with smita that obama hasoodles of charisma and is fairly eloquent too .. atleast ebtter than his predecessor !!;-)

Oxy said...


Angel's Flight said...


And he has a great smile too...I really hope he lives upto his promises!


OMG dont get me started on the poetry. My mom thought she was reading something...BORING!!!..Hopefully Obama will bring in change...good positive change


Yeah Brother!!

avdi said...

I couldnt view the vid here.. something about me not being in America. Dont worry I am sure to catch it on YOUtube.

I love snl

Angel's Flight said...
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Angel's Flight said...


Check it out on You tube,..I'll try to find a better link till then :)


eye-in-sty-in said...

cool post. KIC :D

Anonymous said...

His speech was really great..one of the best inspirational speeches ever..

WhatsInAName said...

I really really hope he is as good at the deeds as he is with the words. I do pray for one thing mainly - the pressure of US on Pak to curb terrorism.

Angel's Flight said...


Thanks :)


Yeah his speech was inspiring more so coz it kept to the needs and tone of the present situation


We are all hoping for the same. In
fact he has started a grass root campaign to encourage people to volunteer...and hopefully this will help in the long run.

Anonymous said...

i couldnt find a single post regarding november attacks. Wow! Grace to my motherland for producing such countrymen!

I would say "Cheers India"

-The same anonymous