Thursday, August 20, 2009

You make me sick - Wikus Prawn

Whole of last week I read tons of reviews about this one movie 'District 9', how good it was, how well directed it was, good story line etc etc.....overall heard it was a good movie. So that's what I decided I will spend my Friday night on, and S was up for the movie. So off we went, had dinner and strolled in for the 10:00 pm show, all this without reading what the movie was about. That was my first mistake.

We stroll and the movie theater was PACKED, and usually I don't like to sit on the front few rows, but the fact that this was supposed to be a good movie and I really didn't want to come back for the later show, I begged and pleaded to make S agree to sit wherever we found space. And that just turned out to be the 7th row from the front. That was my second mistake.

The last and final mistake I made was that I was not true to myself. I am the kind of person that will cringe at the sight of anything even remotely disgusting, a needle, blood, peeled skin ....I will cringe. In this movie, when the Prawn like aliens showed up with their tentacles all gross looking, I should have done what I do and close my eyes. But no the fool I am, I kept looking and looking and looking....that was my third mistake.

Around 45 minutes into the movie, I started to get queasy, this the point where Wikus the hero (read the story here) gets sprayed with the mystery liquid and starts his transformation into an Alien. The first thing that they show is his fingernails starting to come off, I sat there looking at the big screen, each of his fingernails as big as my face, peeling off, all the blood and the tissue hanging from his naked nail.....even thinking about it makes me want to puke....I should have my gotten up at that point and left..but no !!!!!! trying to be brave and gutsy (and prove to myself that I can watch something that is not a comedy or romantic comedy I sat there)...I sat there; watching District 9....and that my Final and perhaps the biggest mistake.

15 more minutes after Wikus started to pull his nails off, he wandered into the Prawn colony and started to eat cat food, with his fingers, slurping up pieces of meat, a little in his mouth a little on his hands and completely making me sick. Then came the last straw, Wikus's teeth started to fall out, he put a finger full of cat food into his mouth, and when he pulled his finger out, out came a tooth...with its root and blood. But Wikus is just so good, he didn't feel happy that only one tooth came out. He reached in and pulled another one out, blood, slimy stuff....(gag)..that was the last straw....

I didn't want to quit, I wanted to stay, but my body completely gave up, I started to get physically sick and my head started to spin. Poor S noticed and held onto me and took me right out of the theater, and his timing was perfect! As soon as I stepped outside...I blanked out!

Next thing I know S is over my face, sprinkling water...this is a first..a movie made me sick to a point that I fainted. There were two firsts that were achieved as a result of me going to watch this movie....This is the first movie that I went to see and did not sit through till the end and A movie was gross enough to make me faint ...freaking Awesome!!!

The only thing I feel terrible about is S not finishing this movie...Maybe I should buy him and my bro A a pair of tickets...the guys would sure like to see the grossest movie ever!!

Ps: Go see this movie...heard from a lot of people it was good...I am going to try and watch it again....lets see how the second attempt at this goes :)


couchpapaya said...

OMG u actually fainted?!! B had me convinced to check it out this weekend, but of course without me knowing the story or anything. am going to check the link now and see if i can handle it. and y do u want to sit through it again? send the boys, u go watch julie and julia :)

couchpapaya said...

ps.the new look is ultra cool!!

Anonymous said...

Your description of nails and teeth falling reminds me of The Fly. Am sure must not have seen The Fly.
I wonder what will happen to you if you see movies like Hostel, Chainsaw massacre or Saw series for that matter movies like Blob or Species.
You need to have a different kind of nerve to watch and enjoy such movies. Some call it sick, some call it gross, come call it exploitation, some call it porn. Whatever it is it is a genre and it has a following.
However I don't like those Alien movies and I don't think am going kill someone to see it !

WhatsInAName said...

well well even the narration got me horrified! poor you.
but yeah why do you want to go try it again? why why why

eye-in-sty-in said...

you did WHAT....!!!!!

lol... no..... LMAO! You fainted!
shame on you :P ....
you actually fainted.... !
PS: i have to watch this movie!!

avdi said...

Gawd.. still you didnt do the grosser thing and puked. I nearly puked reading the desc. Something i am gonna avoid.

couchpapaya said...

angel- i watched it and totally loved the movie, but i dont get grossed out easily. also, if ur planning to watch again and if it helps, the teeth falling out is the last really gross bit there is, after that its total action.

Vee said...

I can manage gross and gore but cant manage stupid silly stuff and more so I was never into alien kinda movies. A rating of 8.7 on IMDB and ranked at 35 in top 250... Hmm, I must check out this.

Go watch Kaminey or Public Enemies to restore ur faith in Cinema. Lol

Angel's Flight said...

Thanks guys for all stopping in...and yes I am planning to go watch it again!!

CP thanks babe ur comment really I know that there is less grossness in the movie:)

I have heard that a lot of people liked this movie...and am determined to see this :)

Anycase...thanks again!

Angel's Flight said...

Oh yeah ...and wish me luck :)

Aparna said...

You puked?
And you want to watch it again?
God help. Best of luck.

Vidooshak said...

Wow. I told ya you should've just gone for "Agyaat" instead!! hehehe

That must have been one SICK movie. Can't wait for it to release here.

By the way, super cool graphics on the home page, the night sky and all that. Lovely!

Angel's Flight said...

hahahah now that is an idea...I would have not woken up for 2 days :)

I love the theme u doing these days?

Angel's Flight said...

Just coz I dont like the numbers!

Smita said...

you fainted??? :-)

How have u been doing gal? long time no see??

Angel's Flight said...

Hi bebe!

Am perfect !!! Sorry yaar work is crazy....been days I have not seen sunlight!! but things are getting a little better now.

Howz u?

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