Thursday, December 25, 2008

In Love with Mehandi

This is in response to my new profile pic. It does seem like I am posing for no apparent reason and doing some heavy Bollywood stuff.....but no, its not as bad as it looks.

Yes I am doing some heavy Bollywood kinda stuff but I am not posing for the hell of fact I was posing for Love!!...

Let me explain.

I love Mehandi, Love it! I take every chance I get to look up people's work, put some Mehandi on myself (inspired by others and some original design), my mom (someone has to cooperate) in short I Love it!

Now a chance came somewhere in March of this year, I modeled for a awesome Mehandi artist, all I had to do is observe her work while she drew Bridal Designs on me, and then model for her, so she can use those pictures in her portfolio. I was more than happy to do so...For those interested you can check out the pictures Here

I am still in the stages where I am getting better, but I thought I'd put up some pics and get some feedback. In fact I am putting a pic first of a wooden Box that I put Mehandi on :)...then a couple of pics of Mehandi'd Hands.....Take a peek!

The Box

My Mehandi Works :)







I have always been doing the Mehandi for everyone except the bride whenever there is a wedding in my family. I am hoping to that one day I get good enough that I can do some good Bridal Mehandi. :)


Smita said...

Wow!!! You are actually very good and yes am sure u can do the bridal mehandi work :)

And ys I too am in love with Mehandi, am ever ready to get mehandi on my hand....only time nahin hota...

And those snaps are cool :) u have modeled ur hands well :))

Angel's Flight said...

Thanks girl!

Glad u like Mehandi too.....aint it just awesome...for some reason both hubby and my bro hate the smell!...imagine that

Yeah those are my hands...mostly Have to try out stuff on ma self!

eye-in-sty-in said...

I have an aunt who does bridal mehendi work. She is very good and fast at it.

The intricate design looks very good on your hands. Nice colour too.

Angel's Flight said...


Wow that's some pics, I can def use some inspiration :)

couchpapaya said...

wow, ur mehndi work looks great!! i love it but my man doesnt get mehndi either, sigh... kinda takes my fun out of getting anything elaborate done :( and just noticed the profile pic, very nice!!

Angel's Flight said...


U know ...I do it just coz I wanna get better....otherwise just based on the reaction from my Guy....ahh woudlnt have gone near it..oh the faces...lolz

Bedazzled said...

wow .. lovely .. i liked the first one the best ..

Mama - Mia said...


thats bleddy good work girl!!

come to bangalore NOW! i too luurrvvee mehendi!! and i cant obviously draw to save my life!!

next time you here, a mehendi date is on! cool?!

and you looking gorgeous!



Angel's Flight said...


The first one is the latest one.....btw, I just check out ur blog...I wonder how I missed it so long...u'll see me there for sure!



The date is on! U just got urself to be a test subject! and u volunteered...coudlnt be better...muhahahaha

Thanks :)

Cheers (kisses to cubby)

Bedazzled said...

danks .. we have the same theme.. it's spooky ;-)

Angel's Flight said...


lolz true...but this is such an elegant it

Vidooshak said...

Yes, the new profile pic is very attractive. The eyes shining very bright and the quintessential Indian make-up. Can anything look better than Mehendi and a big bindi? Very nice mehendi designs, that's a fundu hobby you have.

Angel's Flight said...


Thanks! as for the hobby, I heard someone really close to you loves Mehandi too!

WhatsInAName said...

Awesome awesome!
I appoint you to make the bridal mehndi for me during our shashtiyapta poorthy... err...20 years from now ;)
But seriously, next time you come down to Mumbai and when we meet, I will make sure to carry a cone with me!!!

Angel's Flight said...


Thts a Fantastic Idea! infact my mom's and dad's is coming up real soon. And I am going to do Mehandi on the bride!

Our Mehandi date is set!

verbivorehere said...

hey i really wish you are accessible..for a mehendi work for me ;P they just are sooo nice!!

Angel's Flight said...


thanks:) that meant a lot!

avdi said...

i will take no 1.. please ! You can easily do the bridal mehendi.. just have to xtend till the elbows..