Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paint Domination

I got tagged my Smita...who asked me to draw a few words up, just as she had done herself. Check them out here, if you have not already.

Before you go ahead and take the risk of looking at my drawings, let me warn you, you will get addicted to my drawings, you will be forced by your heart to visit my blog everyday and seek out my drawings, you will not be able to stay have been warned! proceed with discretion.

Here goes,





ps: here is how they actually should look :)


And now for the Tags...and I'll try to make this interesting.

Vee - Cowboy (:)), Camera, Beach, Chill, Sleep
Couch Papaya - Fashion, Couch, Papaya (lolz), Theater, Dhaaba
Manjula - Saree, Mischief, Phone, Movie, Drive
My Two Cents - Beard, Teach, Cricket, Sleep, Party
EISI - Sunglasses, Surfing, Time, Racing, Juice

Pass it on to how many ever people you want :)....Just don't tag me back...I dont want people addicted to my drawings :)...and that's a Wrap!


Smita said...


Wonderrful sketches :) and am already addicted to it ;-)

Loved the engagement one the most....& keyboard one is roz ki story in office...Sometimes I keep a novel on the keyboard ;-)

Angel's Flight said...

Thanks babe! I told ya...addiction is a side effect!!

avdi said...

rah rah ! great drawings.. i am bad at this n my mouse is bad too.. so i dont know how i will fulfill my tag.

Angel's Flight said...


u should u know...i will want to see them :)...come on i want to get addicted to artwork too :)

avdi said...

oh shucks.. (Sulking) ok, i will try.. tomorrow !

Mama - Mia said...

you have done an awesome job woman! i fell off the cair seeing my own creations! yours were lot better! :)