Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enjoy being bitten!

Brand India is cool, known for its engineers, brilliant minds, colorful culture and people. Yes sir, we make most of the IT industry, and we dominate the Call centers. Yoga is spreading like wildfire, and Indian food is definitely catching on!..and now we have the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire'...fantastic...we were all smiling.

These are things that help in the long run, sure, this Brand India will continue to grow in its popularity and its influence. India also happens to one of the more stable countries in the region, at least compared to the neighbors who are like drunken sailors running out of money (well technically they are not allowed to drink), we look like the respectable Accountant uncle who is amassing wealth the righteous way!

But is definitely not roses all the way now is it? We as Indians have always dealt with things like, Major sexism (sply the girls...makes us stronger in a way..and provides ammo), Caste based discrimination, 14th century attitudes etc etc. But then we kinda put up with it, shrugged it off...its the Jane do yaar kinda attitude....and that my friends has come back to bite us in the ass!

Picture this...One happy couple, walking hand in hand, smiling at each other...the rush of love...suddenly a man stops them and screams at the girl for wearing jeans, the boy for wearing shorts, and at them for holding hands and public display of affection!!...there is already a crowd forming...all on lookers " Bhaagte ho ke bulaoon public ko tumhe maarne ke liye...saale angrez if aulad..humare Bharat ke sanskriti ko kharab karte ho"...screams the nut job and the poor couple runs away from there, before there is any trouble and more people gathers. What comes of this incident... the couple are more careful while out in public and the So called upholder of Indian morals feeling triumphant moves of looking for his next target.

And now the ass biting begins...!!

New year revelers are molested, Indians and Foreigners alike, coz no one in India has the right to wear western clothes and party in pubs and clubs. And you definitely cannot intermingle with the opposite sex unless you sport or she sports a Mangalsutra. You can if you want drink roadside liquor, visit a beer bar, lust after a dancing girl and and then go home and beat your wife...but just make sure u are wearing an Indian outfit....Dhoti will be Ideal.

And god forbid on Valentines day you venture out to buy your loved one a rose or a gift or take your loved one out for a romantic evening to show your appreciation for them. Don't you know that Valentine day celebration can lead to SEX....*tauba tauba*. And In India no one has sex!! Fornication is not what India does....all our children are born through Immaculate conception.

Today Jay Leno talked about the Valentine day threat in India...fantastic, He is spreading our warning to the world; Dont you guys dare to come for a romantic getaway to exotic India, we will not tolerate you kissing or fornicating...but we will be there to molest you !!

And no before you ask the question, you are not allowed to kiss...Kissing even a peck on the cheek leads to Sex...and you should know by now where we stand on that Issue.

I think we are sending clear signals to the rest of the world too arent we? The news about Gere kissing Shilpa and the resulting reaction of the Keepers of Indian Culture created such a fantastic opportunity for the world media. They had a field day!! Now even they know that Indians don't kiss! is the BBC Article

Ooh that took out a big chuck of the rear....Enjoy there is more to come and the wounds are only going to get much more painful!


Nautankey said...

I wont mind if these moral bodyguards and religious pimps follow their strict conduct to the tee. But wat happens? this country of traditions has one of the highest number of aids patients. Traitors to the core.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Now the 'vigilantes' have decided to get "marry off" couples dating in public on Valentine's Day!! Wow!

Valentine's day is against our culture, says the guy from a country who gave the world Kamasutra and has a God of love mentioned in the holy books! Molestation and rape are ok, but a PDA can only be an electronic device!

They wont stage a cultural program to showcase our culture and show the youth what our culture imbibes, but yes, you will be threatened, beaten and married off in you hold hands on v-day!

seriously funny post! trust you to inject wit and sarcasm into any topic!

couchpapaya said...

oh fabulous, our own hindu taliban. after the gere incident i remember i had to explain myself hoarse what the big deal was every where i went.

brand india is severely flawed and unstable .... while we have such loons who continue to be let out on bail and continue to make a mockery of our judicial system. we should lock them up and throw away the keys.

fab post. i think ur absolutely right abt the chalta hain attitude most of us have. we HAVE to do something. though beats me what that is right now :(

Oxy said...

Being Sarcastic about the whole happening here? What for? We all are raising our voices and we will continue to do so. We are not sitting idle and writing sarcastic posts on this. Of course, freedom of speech and personal blog thingy comes first. So bravo for that but it ain't funny for me.

Angel's Flight said...


Now thts another piece of statistics..I didnt know..but that is a contradiction to the Ram values.


Wow imagine if someone wanted to get married and parents are against it, all they have to do is go out on see how that works!

Angel's Flight said...


Yup I have answered a few questions myself....but then how far can we answer to that point I just start asking questions!!.lolz


I wonder what makes u think this is just a make a sarcastic comment, make fun of India and move on...and what is the comment on u and us??? ur comment baffles me...really does....any case the entry was not supposed to be funny

WhatsInAName said...

hmm its seriously a pathetic situation and the worst part is there is no action being taken against these rogues! India shining is indeed only for the books :-(

Angel's Flight said...


babe, actually with the recent opening up of the markets and the movement of global talent, India's strength is evident to the world. Unfortunately so are the problems

Oxy said...

Apologies for it. I wasn't in a right frame of mind. The timing was all wrong. There was no attempt to make a dig here. It all just happened as I told timing was totally screwed up when I read ur post. Daily we are subjected to this ram-sena shit. And to top it, the state govt is acting the same way Indian govt acted in Pakistan's denial of attack recently. It says they are helpless, no evidence and blah blah... If India is going backwards, B'lore is leading it. The capital has gone worse since this new govt.

Angel's Flight said...


No prob babe. I was a little puzzled coz its not like you to react like that...besides I consider you a friend and wanted nothing to do with making you upset :)

avdi said...

Yep, me too going to wear a pink chaddi.. on the outside of my salwar on val day. hey.. what is all this shit, its about time we hit back.

Angel's Flight said...


lolz tht'll be funny! Super Ava !!

Mama - Mia said...

this is just ridiculous. we are so owrried about sex and virginity that we dont care about more important stuff!

nuts all of em! religious zealots! a%&holes!



Angel's Flight said...


Loved the spunk in your comment!

Smita said...

Yesterday in Haryana a couple was locked in a room by neighbours as the two of them were alone and as per our society that is bad!!! Later the police was called in & they dragged the girl holding her hair...

Neighbors aren't repenant!!!!


We are being used by bloody politicians who need anything to get publicity!!! India ki image ki vaat lagti hai to lage!!!

workhard said...

Hey, check this out, i read an article in the indian paper, deccan chronicle from Hyderabad, the the origins of the first kiss happen to be dated back to india, i wonder what the Ram Sena activist have to say about that

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Anonymous said...

I believe your friends are also f**ls like you. Dont forget that India is country where Kamasutra was born. We have designated Kama as the lord of sex. I have lived in India for 26 years and dated girls in big cities and towns. I have never come across anyone saying like that. You should understand that every culture has its +ve and -ve points. let me take an example.

- Western : I have so many friends who break up after 2-3 years, flirt at office/schools and keep visiting "dhandewaali". If men do not agree to it, they lie. FYI - 98% of men like other women after marriage. This has been published by big medical journals. It's normal. Now, what's the end result ? - You end up in a place where people die to find company, people who die to get out of depression, children dont respect parents. People go to strip clubs and get a lapdance. Have you ever gone there? I am not sure if you are single or married. But if you have a boyfriend. Ask him this question. If he says "no", he is lying. Is this what you want ? Ask yourself. Right now, you havent reached an age where you can visualize this.

Eastern culture: Chinese people are even more orthodox. People know how to make love but there is no public kissing. Women dont wear half naked clothes exposing their breasts. Women dont wear clothes that make people uncomfortable at public places. Women understand how to live within their limits. It is not that women are not respected. You are a girl - tell me one thing - weren't you respected at school/college ? The times have changed. Gone are the days when people used to criticize girls with pants. It is only because of people like you that indians are divided. Because you dont love your country, your motherland and most importantly "people". As soon as you guys start earning pounds/dollars, you think that Indians are "chu$iy@s" and cheap. Have your ever studied indian culture and important of feminism in indian culture ? What right do you have to criticize my country ? If you cant correct something, Dont just criticize it. If you think that indian culture is bad, change your name, change your religion and change your habits. Go and marry 50 people. )Dont visit India. Who is asking you to do that ? I am sorry for being rude. But, I cant withstand desis who leave their country, and after earning some money, start criticizing my nation. Please change your attitude. If not, change the direction of your blogging. There is much more to blog rather than writing such BS posts.

I hope that helps.

Angel's Flight said...

Hey there coward good to see u here too

And as for my friends....u better not go there.....

u know what I'm going to make an example of you...! so my friends can read about what a fool u really are

A coward and a thats a deadly combination!

Indian Home Maker said...

And this seems to be only getting from bad to worse.
The saddest part is even though what they are doing should put them in jail, but they are smart and use religion so now instead of being condemned they are being supported for even molesting!

Angel's Flight said...


I agree these fools need to be taught a lesson...check out Mr. Anonymous...he belongs in the same category!