Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because I am a *Girl*

This world is nuts....Girls getting molested, raped and at the end of the day the criminal(s) give some pathetic lame ass excuse....more recently, apparently these vermin are using the 'Protection of Indian Culture' as an excuse...I am yet to see where molesting women is documented as Indian culture!

Oh and now the Economic divide is another reason...a Upwardly mobile girl gets raped by 10 village men...and here is what the Village elder has to say

"We respect our women," village elder Ranbir Yadav tells me.

"But we also have our traditions," he adds, gesticulating at a young woman who hurries away from us with her face averted, her head covered. As he explains, unmarried women in the village cannot travel unescorted or reveal their face to men.

"All the boys are innocent," one man tells me. "They did not rape anyone but yes, they may have beaten the couple up."

More on that here

I am sick of molestation and Rape being used as a weapon .. and with the Fantastic attitude of the Indian society towards the girl child, I am kinda thrilled to see the recent uprising....and so I am all in support of the Pink Chaddi campaign...I will be waiting to read all the wonderful happening on Valentines day.

Here is a BBC article on that

All this going on...reminded me of an article I had written some time back on a review site...and I thought this just ties in somehow...its an article I am proud to recycle.

So here goes......


Title : Because I am a *Girl*

So if you were to tell me about the story of yourself or a Girl child you have known; what would you say, if you looked; what will you see, if she turned around
and narrated her story….What would you hear???

Just a Story told…..

Because I am a girl, my mother cried when I was born
Because I am a girl, my father walked away, despising my face
Because I am a girl, my family sees me as a burden
Because I am a girl, education is not meant for me
Because I am a girl, I am exploited from the moment I can walk
Because I am a girl, I am teased and humiliated, and it’s still my fault
Because I am a girl, Rape on me is used as a weapon of war
Because I am a girl, I will be sold off, traded, gotten rid of like an animal
Because I am a girl, I will earn half for double the work I do

Because I am a girl, I will shed a tear when I bear ANOTHER baby GIRL

Her Story told….

Because I am a girl, I know I am hated from the moment I was born
Because I am a girl, I am told over and over I am unwanted
Because I am a girl, I stay home and work, while my brother plays outside
Because I am a girl, I yearn to go to school, but know I can’t
Because I am a girl, I will fetch fire wood, a load I can barely bare
Because I am a girl, I will sweep the floor, and wash the clothes
Because I am a girl, I will cook for all, while my brother plays Football
Because I am a girl, I know I’ll be marrying at 15, a burden unloaded
Because I am a girl, I will bear a child, before I end my childhood
Because I am a girl, I will be chided for bearing another baby girl

Because I am a girl, I will shed a tear, when my girl, gives birth to JUST another GIRL

My Story Told….

Because I am a girl, my father was overjoyed at my birth
Because I am a girl, I was showered with chocolates and dolls
Because I am a girl, I was bought pretty dresses and ribbons to wear
Because I am a girl, I was told to study well and play hard
Because I am a girl, I am told never to back down in the face of adversity
Because I am a girl, I am told I am stronger mentally and emotionally
Because I am a girl, I am pushed to prove myself
Because I am a girl, I am protected and taught to protect myself
Because I am a girl, I feel loved, as a daughter, as a sister, as a person

Because I am a girl, I hope to bring into this world, a SPECIAL baby GIRL

What story will YOU tell?


Bedazzled said...

WOWWW.. Lovely post .. My story is more or less like u r s and a lot like the story of girls who have had a previleged , protected life..Pink Chaddi Campaign .. way to go !! :-)

Mama - Mia said...

beyootiful AF! :)

yes, we have been fortunate and lucky and often i wonder what can i do for those who arent?!

Pik Chaddi rocks, doesnt it?! :p



Mama - Mia said...

ps: would you mind if i put this up on my blog as well? with credits to you ofcos!

you written it youself?! awesome!



Angel's Flight said...


Glad to to see u here...Go pink Chaddi!



I share the same thought......!

Yeah u can put this on ur blog...i'll be thrilled...wrote this one long time MS too...lolz

Hugs right back


avdi said...

I remember this one.. n the ensuing comment exchange .. those were fun days on MS..

sigh !!

Angel's Flight said...


Hain na....not anymore...I have a good mindto just bring all my stuff over to my blog :)

Oxy said...

All support to the fairer sex... I am all game to see how V-day turns up.. After all B'lore will be center of attraction.

Oh on MS too.. I don remember.. lovely it is and yes DO BRING ALL YOUR posts from that godforsaken place.

Angel's Flight said...


Do let us know who Vday went...btw what are your plans?

I do plan to bring it all here slowly! :) U should do the same


Nautankey said...

Beautiful words. Reminded me of this drawing competition I entered in my college,titled - women in the eyes of men.Guys were drawing nuns, mothers,nurses.I drew 2 huge breasts and butts, thats what finally most men see in women :D. But sadly my 'drawing' lost out due to vulgarity :))

Angel's Flight said...


Are u serious??? Man that takes some guts..anyhow the info is a little disturbing!

couchpapaya said...

angel - brilliant and apt post .... glad u gave it a new life here!! pink chaddi is totally inspired, i'm gonna be wearing pink on the day in support too!!!

Smita said...

Fantastic post!!!!!

You know like you I was never made to feel that there is a difference between me n my bro. Fortunate or not but yes blessed we are...

Lovely post!!!

Angel's Flight said...


Thanks babe ! what have u been upto recently?

How was valentine?

Angel's Flight said...


Glad u liked the post...isnt it fab the way we were brought up!

Anyway what did u do for Valentines day?

Bouncing-Bubble said...

fab post... and some ppl's thoughts won't change until the world come's to an end

WhatsInAName said...

Your story is my story as well and that of my girls. I sure feel lucky to have daughters :)
And yes that poem is one of the best I have read anywhere

workhard said...

That is really dishartening to listen to, we as girls should fight back and be able to stand up against all the atrocities... and in the near future, we will

Work from home

Angel's Flight said...


I know sad right! but hey we can always change others :)


Thanks girl! Ur daughters are lucky!


True..and thats the kinda determination we need too!

Vidooshak said...


Angel's Flight said...


Danke shun

Solilo said...

Discovered your blog just now:). Very beautifully said.

Most of live a priviledged life but there still are so many who are treated as second class citizens.

Hope the women of today brings a change tomorrow.

eye-in-sty-in said...

ur mentioned in this post :-))

Angel's Flight said...


Glad u liked :)Right there with on the wishing!



I saw, I read and I commented!

Tarun Goel said...

I'll say, because I am a girl I'll beat the hell out of Thackeray's,Osama's and Muthalik's.
Even if I am a boy, why shouldn't they be awarded???:D
A very very nice way to describe LOVE :)

avdi said...

Aithe dekho - tagged !

Anonymous said...

I would call you an As*. Do you know why ? It is because of girls like you that girls are getting molested. What credit will you get by showing your pink chaddi ? Hate the sin and not the sinners. I am not lobbying for molesters but molestees. If you want to change the world, take some initiative. Go back to India and do something. Dont just BS! Sri Ram sena should be punished brutally. But who will do that ? They will get more excited by seeing your chaddi. Dont play been infront of the snake. Instead, if you want to kill the cobra, catch its neck and then kill it. If you are really concerned about your fellow countrymen, go back and do something. The big question is : will you?

Mahatma gandhi didnt believe in singing carols but did it.

Being a matured woman, do it.

Dont ask me, what should you do ? Go and increase awareness amongst girls. Tell them to join self defense classes. Establish links between government, police and common people so that innocent women can get justice quickly.

Dont just BS like this.

Angel's Flight said...


Thanks for the comment




* I am replying to you in ur own way...uncharacteristic for me..but maybe its the only way*

And I would call you an AssHole....upfront! listen u come here to my space, call me the reason girls are molested and Dont even have the Balls to tell me who u really are...

U know what, do me a favor and go fuck your cowardly self....coz thts what I think u are for remaining anonymous...

But come on out and identify yourself and then maybe I will give you a more meaningful answer!

Indian Home Maker said...

LOVE this.
Blog rolling you Angel's Flight!

Will be back, and reading your blog ... other posts also.

Rape is rarely about sex or a girl being attractive, it is mostly about power, and about knowing you can get away with it.
The worst thing about blaming a girl is the assaulter(s) get the wrong message, recent spate of attacks on girls in Bangalore are a proof of that.

All gender based crimes should be strongly condemned.

Anonymous said...

You are not going to achieve anything by calling me an asshole. My words are true. This is obvious because you have started abusing me! I love it!
It doesnt matter who I am. Remember, actions speak louder than words. In order to smell a rose, you dont have to see it. You can identify it bust just smelling it. I really dont know who you are and why you wrote that BS. I am just an Indian who wants to see a better India and not a wannabe. I love my country and countrymen and I am proud for that. I know that I will change my country by not abusing people but by finding a mature way - the one that kiran bedi did. Afterall, she is also a girl.

Hope that helps!


Angel's Flight said...

Mr coward

And u still dont have the balls to identify urself...much easier staying anonymous huh?

and u are the one going to bring change??? really!

U are all talk....dont have an idea about who is what....babe let me make one thing clear even if u dont deserve an explanation...

I have done more number of things for India and the people I care for than ur IQ number!

and yeah i am blocking Anonymous comments, if u have to say something do so by identifying urself

Damn I hate cowards!

workhard said...

Hey, girl, u shouldnt even waste ur energy typing and replying to that dude..

eye-in-sty-in said...

Dont waste ur time is my free advise too.