Friday, November 20, 2009

Design Dilemma :(

It has been 2 months since hubby and I moved and more or less we have put all the stuff in place except for one Major area…notice the capital M….actually it should be a capital D…..the Drawing room

The room is L shaped……a looooong L…and the lower part of the L is the Dining room …at least that is what we have designated it as. For a better idea I have tried and depict what the apartment looks like right now.

The picture is self explanatory and as far as possible I have kept the colors as close as possible. One thing to note that even if the carpet under the TV, Futon and the rocking chairs looks grey in the picture, it is really like egg shell white.

Now you must wonder why all this trouble of not only drawing the whole thing out, but putting it here..on this blog….the reason is I need help…

Time to admit that I totally sick when it comes to design, styling or anything to do in that world, and hubby made a big blunder by relying on me to make the Apartment a home; hoping that I would have some style…hahahaha BIG MISTAKE!!!!

So now dear dear readers/friends help me out and tell me what can I do with the big empty space from the main door to the futon? I am willing to move the furniture around (except the dining table…there are 2 huge windows and we appreciate the view during dinner and the occasional lunch).

I have no idea what I can do …and I am even willing to buy a couple more pieces of furniture to fill the space, ….help me…pluuuuleeeeezzzzz


Bedazzled said...

put up art , mix and match a few installation art pieces, throw in a few tall vases .. umm what else?? .. actually i suck at these design thingies too .. ok listen, there is a blog rang decor ..its on the bloglist.. yo can probably leave a message on the blog (archana is the name of the blog owner) and i am sure she'll be more qualified to give u more inputs

Angel's Flight said...

Dear Dear Bedazzled

thank you lady!!! I will immediately bog Archana :)


Bouncing-Bubble said...

my living room is similar to yours..since i've got to keep the buggy in that space anything else is ruled out. is there a built in cupboard for shoes and coats?if not the space wld help with a neat suitable furniture. or how abt tall chest of drawers so u cn dump anything in?

Angel's Flight said...

Hi Bubbles,

I actually have 2 big closets as soon as you enter, which are designated Coats and Shoes spaces:)

And as for the chest of drawers...i have that set up all for my knickknacks in the bedroom :)

I am thinking that i should put a small sitting bench ...what do you think?


Smita said...

- A shoe Rack!

- You idea of a bench is also good

- one or two Tall vases!!

- U can also decorate the wall by creating a collage of framed photographs the place would look full and will give a perconal touch

P.S. Check the link of my blog in your blog roll!!!

WhatsInAName said...

how about just a mattress on the floor. Like typical indian style? vase and paintings are the best ideas in case the space isn't too much.

Anonymous said...

Here's my suggestion. Getting some chairs can be a solution. Better still, push the futon a few steps back and fill the empty space with 2 beanbags. Ikea can help if you don't own them already. It will give a more relaxed look to your drawing cum living room. Also, it will not make your room look too cluttered and things can be organized for parties pretty easily.

Angel's Flight said...


I have a closet designated as the shoe closet...but I love the tall vases idea!!

and I know just the vases for it!

Angel's Flight said...


like a diwan??? that could work in another area that I have a little more space.....

btw I had a diwan in my last apt and that was my fav place to sit ...i heart dowans :)

Angel's Flight said...


Those are fantastic idea...I always wanted Bean to see how hubby feels about them :)

Welcome to my space!

couchpapaya said...

Did u remodel it already? Sorry for taking so long, I suck at decorating but I love going through catalogs for ideas and I knew I'd seen a long room modelled somewhere. Unfortunately, I havnt found it (I should really use bookmarks more effectively), but I'll let you know if I come across it.

The other thing I wanted to suggest was the collage wall art like Smita said. Here's an example (the pics above the sofa), I love the arrangement and if you match with your decor in the living room it will bring the two areas together.

Couple that with the sitting bench (so helpful for putting shoes on and can be extra seating for guests), tall vases, plants and I think it will look great.

Let us know what you come up with :)

couchpapaya said...

Btw, how do you manage with a white carpet? How? Do you have some magic carpet stain remover thingie? Please tell!! Or maybe you guys just arent as clumsy as me :(

Vee said...

Home Gym.... Thats it... Matter Over. Khallas.

eye-in-sty-in said...

I like vee's idea the best so far...

If its not too late and you still need ideas, here are my 2 cents.
I'm not going to suggest an aquarium... but how abt plants? As far as I know you, money plants would be safest!

Or you can get a decorative chest to keep stuff like keys, gloves, n other such last minute items. The plants can go on top of the chest along with a mirror.

Angel's Flight said...

Thanks All you guys!!

I know what I am going to do to that space.....

Pictures to come soon

Love y'all