Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go Girl!!

Read a article in BBC today. Egyptian Women are taking up Martial arts for Self Defense, coz harassment is a huge problem. Here are some Statistics from that.

Pretty shocking huh! And guess what as the case is in a lot of times, the perverts carrying out the sexual harassment blamed the women!! In this case 53%!! Apparently the women brought it on themselves by not being "Modest". Same shit different country I guess. But the article goes on to say this:

The author of the report, Nihad Aboul-Qumsan, says too often it is the woman who is blamed for dressing provocatively.

"Most of the people we questioned said there wouldn't be such harassment if women dressed in a modest way. But when we questioned women on what they were wearing when they were abused more than 70% said they were wearing a headscarf.

Ha! but there is a note in this article that made me smile

"Our job is to give them the skills they need to protect themselves should something happen.

"One of our girls was attacked on the way home. A boy on a bus grabbed her from behind. She used a technique we had taught her to restrain him, until other people on the bus gathered around to help. He was later handed over to the police."

So Basically....... Teach every Girl to Kick some A*** and the world will be a better place!....and maybe then the perverts out there will own up to their corrupted morals, rather than blaming the girl.....coz u know blaming the girl while she is tearing you a new H**e is not the wisest thing to do!


eye-in-sty-in said...

As serious as this post is - I could not help but think - Do you sit and search for such stories :D

No seriously - u gotta answer me :-)

Bedazzled said...

Yippieeee !! girl Power !!!..Didnt know egypt was this bad..

couchpapaya said...

wasnt there a recent judgement in the case of the taxi driver in uk who drugged then raped his passengers and got off because he pleaded that the women asked for it. same shit happening everywhere ... agree with u completely!!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

thisshifting blame by saying "women brought it out", makes me puke

Vee said...

What nonsense? I thought only India had such MCPs. Kicking ass won't be enough though. This is ridiculous.

@Einstein, Yes, she got to answer you. Even I am curious.

Smita said...

"Same Shit different country" is what stayed with me...I so much agree with you...

The statistics are actually shocking...and u r right...the solution lies in our hands...

Angel's Flight said...

my dear EISI,

No I dont go looking fro such articles...there are plenty out there and I just sample them here for you...:)


I know!! I was surprised too! I go to a Egyptian place to hang out a lot..will ask the guy ...first hand info!


Ewwww that is disgusting...that guy needs to be castrated.

Angel's Flight said...


I know! it leaves me sick to my stomach and very very angry!


Kicking ass is a start!...and do read my response to EISI :))...btw u guys are a good way ofcourse!


I think Martial arts should be made mandatory!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Angel,

ok.... and I'll refrain myself from saying anything else! Coz my mind if going in a completely different direction at the moment (you know how I dig chicks who can kick ass!) So I better shut up.

But I'll say this - Am not convinced by ur answer... I think u go out looking for them and Google now has this way of delivering content based on ur surfing habits... (to self: shut up - shut up - shut up!)

eye-in-sty-in said...

That comment totally didt come out the way I intended it to - now it looks like I'm hitting on you... DARN IT!
Neways... Glad u know me, so I wont bother explaining anything to u.

Nautankey said... things stand the same with geography..hmph. Reminds of this aussie imam who compared women with meat n said if meat is uncovered we wud be tempted so wear a if women in burqah dont get sexually assualted

Angel's Flight said...


hahahaha....U were hitting on me...!!! .....kidding..I know ya too well!...

and no most of my news is from BBC and CNN! no google there goes that!

Cheers bud!


Yeah I remember that...he was the Highest Muslim Cleric in Australia...

avdi said...

That is the simple truth - Stand Up for Yourself

Angel's Flight said...


Yup a much needed thing!

Mama - Mia said...

yup! i guess self defence has become mandatory now!

and blaming the woman is the most convenient way of laying off the blame!

a very interesying post AF! :)



Angel's Flight said...

Thanks Abha! Hugs right back at ya!