Thursday, March 12, 2009

God has been found !!

Our belief in god is varied from those who don't believe at all, to those who dedicate their life to god. God has been involved in human life from the very beginning and the fact that we have created the image of God to our likeness, just goes to show how much we want to relate to the Almighty and how we try to find Her/Him in our life and in all its wonder.

Read the following article in and wanted to share it. Its about finding God, in this case Jesus.....Its a true but funny take on the places people claim to have seen the image of Jesus,8599,1884117,00.html

Jesus can be found in:
• On a grilled cheese sandwich
• On a potato chip
• On a window pane
• On a pancake
• On a piece of burnt toast
• On a tree trunk
• On a Cheeto
• On a waffle
• On a spoon
• On a frying pan
• On a cinnamon roll
• On a danish (this may be the same as the aforementioned cinnamon roll. Unclear)
• On a fish stick
• On a cat
• On a moth
• In an ultrasound (creepy)
• In some salsa
• On a grape
• In a cellphone pic
• On a turtle shell
• In a vat of spumoni ice cream
• We didn't even mention the man who's convinced that he can see the Virgin Mary in the leg wound likely suffered when he fell off his bar stool ("You can actually almost see her holding the baby Jesus").



avdi said...

Actually its good... :D I am sure jesus has better fun hiding in food. I could live an eternity in a tasty dish of alloo baingan. I would hate to be inside a wound though.

Smita said...

With God on food, we can binge on our favorite item and still not feel guilty as we are just worshipping god ;)

Bedazzled said...

lol .. food is GOD !! ;-)

udtahaathi said...

Why only food?


workhard said...

Dude, thats weird...,

Bouncing-Bubble said...

for a person who's famished, yeah..he may see God in food..

lol @ Smi's comment

Angel's Flight said...


hahahahahaha...and I used to live in Maggie...but now am expanding my food set...lolz


so freaking true...yay atlast a reason!



Angel's Flight said...


Dude that at BAD!! seriously...hahahahaha so ewwww!


I agree...dang it!


If i'm famished I dont wait to see god...I gulp it down too fast!

workhard said...

I wonder if God will find it offensive if you gulp it down so fast..LOL

couchpapaya said...

i agree with the vat of spumoni ... truly divine!!

avdi said...

tagged !

Angel's Flight said...


I hope god dosen't mind...if she does...I am in trouble!




Saw it really cool, replied too!

Vee said...

God Bless You..

And FE, that was something.. Yuck though...

WhatsInAName said...

oops and for people like me who eat to live, we sure need to see God in food!
Yuckky FE!

Angel's Flight said...


If god was in food...i'm so full of God...lolz


U and me in the same club!


Angel's Flight said...


U getting a lot of reactions!

Mama - Mia said...


its like they look for Ganesha in coconuts and managoes in apna des! :D

you should read this book called Lucky You by carl Hiaseen. It has a town that survives on fake miracles! :D



Shalom said...

Its amazing that people see God in everything else except each other.

Angel's Flight said...


lolz thts funny! will look up that book!

Angel's Flight said...


That is a such a awesome comment...and so so true! welcome to my space :)